Found this enchanting piece of music here:

In his latest double CD “Paigham-e-Muhabbat” composer Muzaffar Ali, who has brought so much pleasure to our lives in the last two decades, included ‘O des aane wale bata’. This nazm by Ahmed Faraz and Akhtar Sheerani is beautifully sung by Abida Parveen.

For those of us who migrated during Partition from India to Pakistan or vice versa and have memories of the old homeland. Also many who have lived overseas, away from our birthplace for several years, and yet have a deep felt love and nostalgia for what was left behind, it strikes a cord.

In memory of Ahmed Faraz who was one of the greatest contemporary Urdu poets…

In the Loving Memory of Ahmed Faraz from Tasawwuf on Vimeo.

12 Responses to Abida Parveen sings Faraz’s poem

  1. Faisal.K says:

    Amazing…. Abida parveen ki awaz me ye shayiri is a delight to listen to thanks for sharing.

  2. IMeMy says:

    I had the privilege of meeting him and listening to him recite his poetry when he was visiting Princeton in 2000/2001.
    An amazing individual and a meaningful artist who left the world a better place!

  3. Huma says:

    ah this piece did dampen my eyes 🙂 Thanks for sharing.

  4. Biju Negi says:

    Is it Faraz’s sensitivity and poetry? Or Abida’s voice and rendering? Or my own sense of lost love?

  5. almondmust says:

    over fifty, still streeming eyes love to share togather with some one pain of sepration, you are welcome to chat.

  6. […] Abida Parveen sings Faraz’s poem […]

  7. Kaul Ashok bhu says:

    Fragmentation of culture is too heavy,un bearable.May God give Faraz peace.He was a human.I love his ghazals.Abada has brought tears from frozenblood.

  8. Kaul Ashok bhu says:

    Excellent vice,lovely rendering bringing teas from the frozen blood.Culture can not be fragmented by any divide.I love Faraz.May God grant him peace

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  10. Sudarsh says:

    Awesome voice..

  11. sohaib asif says:


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