An outstanding painting by Lapata

I am grateful to Minos for sending me the link to this brilliant painting by Lapata. This is a fine composition with a dream-like quality depicting the three unfortunate but towering politicians of our times. And, this also brings together the South Asian dynastic hubris in a neutral, no-politics-in-your-face manner.

Wish I could get this one – hate this consumerist urge; but the struggle is pretty engaging as well. Let me also reproduce the few lines that introduce our accomplished artist:

Lapata (pronounced l¡h-putt-¡h), the artist’s takhallus, or alias, is Urdu for missing, or absconded, as in my luggage is missing,or the bandits have absconded.She also writes for the blog Chapati Mysteryand posts many of her paintings there. Lapata grew up in a family of artists in western Massachusetts, some whose work adorns the surfaces of chinaware and brightens up the waiting rooms of dentists offices, and others whose artistic output has found more select audiences.

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