Baba Nanak to Baba Farid

This is how the Sufis and mystics of South Asia viewed jihad, peace and the role of religion. Surely our extremists need to read and imbibe the message in this fabulous ashlok (verse):
Allah, Farid, juhdi hamesha
Au Shaikh Farid, juhdi Allah Allah.
Acquiring Allah’s grace is the aim of my jihad, 0 Farid!
Come Shaikh Farid! Allah, Allah’s grace alone is ever the aim of my jihad
(Baba Guru Nanak Sahib to Baba Shaikh Farid Sahib)

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    Your line of thought is impressive. Democracy is the only option for peace. The land of five rivers is heir to one of the oldest civilizations. All the Sufi saints of the region understood and preached essential unity of all mankind. All the world religious thoughts, including Islam stand for peace and justice for all. It is the present day politicians, who are out to capture and hold on to positions of political power over their fellow men; and religious preachers of all denominations, out to fatten themselves on the vast financial resources of all the religious institutions, that are interested in all the religious confrontations. Sufis of all denominations did not see any thing wrong with any religion. And this land of Five Rivers, is home to some of the finest thinking about essential unity of mankind. It is sad to see the way the messed it all up. It is the so called leaders, who have succeeded in dividing people along religious, so as to safeguard and perpetuate their privileges and power. Real enemy of all people of the Sub Continent is poverty, hunger and ignorance of the masses. All the meager financial resources of region go to finance the criminally wasteful and profligate living standards of the ruling classes; and buying arms, from the western countries. There is little of nothing left for Health, Education and Development. In desperation the poor have been forced to take to violence all over the Subcontinent. It is Maoist in India, Taliban and various Lashkars in Pakistan. Their desperations is again being exploited by the self imposed leaders of such movements for their own benefit. And situation is going from bad to worst. Only ray of hope are the ways and thoughts of the Sufis. Will our people have some sense to open their ears to their heritatage?.

  • dastagir

    If there is so much Sufi / Bhakti Literature in S E Asia., if there is so much humanism, literature, tolerance and love amongst people… how can one explain the horrible acts done by men upon men (using religion as a pretext) ! How can you explain the combination of Kishori Amonkar’s vocal music with Sadhvi Pragya’s bombs ? How do you blend Bhimsen Joshi with Bal Thackerey ? Fact of the matter is., that basically., people of S E asia are brutal and barbaric by nature, and hate and violence appeals to them, very naturally. But they are cowards., so RSS and Hindutva rapists/killers rape and kill in GROUP. Please read literature on Mob Psychology to understand RSS – which is the world’s largest terrorist factory ! How much research has been done on RSS – and the dirty work its doing for the past 82 yrs (1928-2010 ?). Keep the lights ON… and point the flood-light on RSS – to see what a big threat it is to human race. RSS is more dangerous than Nazis… but the only difference that RSS will do its dirty acts “INTERNALLY” within India (geographically). Bas.

    Churchill had once remarked that : “India (then united india) will produce Doctors, Engineers, Lawyers and what not., but that land CANNOT produce men of character”. Today we have Doctors… (who are baniyas)… Engineers (look at the quality of their work)., Lawyers (look at their integrity towards clients ., and look at the Judiciary… Judges having property worth 1000 crores in India…). Churchill touched the raw nerve.

    Why do people in SE Asia get excited and take to MOB VIOLENCE. I agree there is frustration due to failure of the system… hence Mao`ists in india., and Taliban and others in Pakistan. To a substantial extent, that argument holds weight… but still.

    People who looted, raped and killed in Gujarat (2002) were all formally educated. Then why did they do what they did ! Why did not their education… hold them… from doing evil deeds ?

    • Shiv Gaur

      Very selective rant. Be honest and look at the treatment of minorities in Pakistan which includes Shias and Ahmediyas.

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  • Raheel Lakhani

    lovely. it also gives us insight on interfaith harmony.

    @dastagir, you need to see a movie ‘Firaaq’ directed by Nandita Das. She touches the issues of Gujarat riots so sensitively.

  • Manpreet singh

    ik O akaar