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A modern Ottoman – the Turk Gulen wins the intellectuals’ poll

The Turkish cleric Fethullah Gülen, winner of the intellectuals poll undertaken by Prospect, has been hailed as “the modern face of the Sufi Ottoman tradition.” The magazine further states that he is “at home with globalisation and PR, and fascinated by science”, Gulen also influences Turkish politics through his association with the ruling AK party in Turkey.

The results of the Prospect/FP 2008 global intellectuals poll can be found here

Read this article by Ehsan Masood on Gulen, his worldview and contributions:

Is it possible to be a true religious believer and at the same time enjoy good relations with people of other faiths or none? Moreover, can you remain open to new ideas and new ways of thinking?
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Sufi Cuisine

Sufi Cuisine, a book combining culinary history with over one hundred sumptuous recipes inspired by the teachings of Sufism.

Sufi Cuisine takes the reader on a sensuous journey of earthly and spiritual delights. As Nevin Halici explains in her introduction, the eating and preparation of food is at the heart of Sufi religious practices and beliefs, and the truly inspiring array of dishes – from preserved rose petals and snow helva, to baklava prepared with water in which oak ashes have been soaked overnight – illustrates this beautifully. Full of charming anecdotes, poetry from the great Sufi mystic, Mevlana, and delightful recipes, Sufi Cuisine is a rare treat.

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Meeting Sidhu Saheb in Delhi

Before I could write about meeting a fellow blogger in Delhi, Sidhu posted this account of our meeting. It was amazing to meet a friend in the blogosphere in person. Sidhu is a mild-mannered and intelligent person; and travelled a long distance to meet me in South Delhi where I was staying. There is much that we share: a common heritage, a language that removed all the social barriers and of course blogging. I am cross-posting Sidhuji’s piece below: Continue reading

Longing – a short poem

This little poem by the famous Turk poet Aziz Nesin was left on Jahane Rumi by Sherry – I love it so much that I am re-posting it here –

You made me wait so long, so long that
I got used to missing you
You came back after a long time
I now love longing for you more
than I love you

(translated by Suleyman Fatih Akgul)