Chimp beats students at computer game

“….humans made a mental trade-off as they diverged from their common ancestor with chimps some 5 to 6 million years ago. In gaining brawnier brains that can process language and other complex symbols, we may have dulled our ability to take quick mental snapshots.”

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  • nocturnal

    ….diverged from their common ancestor with chimps some 5 to 6 million years ago.

    Common ancestor thing always makes me laugh, no dont get me wrong i aint a bigoted believer, but you need scientific proofs to convince people.

    where are the MISSING LINKS? why couldn’t we find skelotons of species in the transition state i.e half amphibian, half reptile etc.

    following are some link that might interest you,

    this docu is about the biggest fraud in the history of science PILTDOWN MAN HOAX,

    Haeckle was one of the earliest evolutionsts, he supported Darwin’s work and darwin wrote one of his famous books inspired by HAECKEL’s drawings. Both men lived in the same era, Haeckle propogated Darwin’s therories in Germany. He was a lecturer at the German university where he was accused of creating fake drawings. These drawings are still in the TEXT BOOK and not yet been discarded, Interesting, isnt??

  • Cubano

    “Yet evolution predicts not just successions of forms, but also genetic lineages from ancestors to descendants. The absence of such transitional series in the fossil record bothered Darwin, who called this “the most obvious and serious objection that can be urged against the theory.” (He attributed the missing links, quite reasonably, to the imperfection of the fossil record and the dearth of paleontological collections.) But this objection is no longer valid. Since 1859, paleontologists have turned up Darwin’s missing evidence: fossils in profusion, with many sequences showing evolutionary change. In large and small organisms, we can trace, through successive layers of the fossil record, evolutionary changes occurring in lineages. Diatoms get bigger, clamshells get ribbier, horses get larger and toothier, and the human lineage evolves bigger brains, smaller teeth, and increased efficiency at bipedal walking. Moreover, we now have transitional forms connecting major groups of organisms, including fish with tetrapods, dinosaurs with birds, reptiles with mammals, and land mammals with whales. Darwin predicted that such forms would be found, and their discovery vindicated him fully. It also destroys the creationist notion that species were created in their present form and thereafter remained unchanged.”

    Taken from:,1058,The-Case-Against-Intelligent-Design-The-Faith-That-Dare-Not-Speak-Its-Name,Jerry-Coyne-edgeorg

  • nocturnal

    Have they found missing link yet???

    Not at all! I think you didnt go through the links I provided, how shamefully those evolutionists faked things in order to prove themselves right.

    Human eyes works on REFRACTION, Sceintists have just discovered that a LOBSTER has eye is the most amazing thing that any creature possess.

    Its eyes work on REFLECTION rather than refraction and has contain many reflecting MIRRORS in its eyes.

    read here,

    Evolutionists still teaching Haeckle’s FAKE DRAWINGS in schools through out the world knowing that these are fake.

    What do you have to say about it??

  • Astarte

    Biologically, genetically evolution is an established fact. However, I don’t think the experiment is about evolution, the chimps were trained for that very job, the university students were not and voila: the results a primatologist wants to fund a project!

  • cubano

    I think that evolution is a big HOAX and we all came from Adam and Eve but I wonder if Adam and Eve had navels?

  • nocturnal

    Amoeba may have evolved into Human being but i wonder where did the FIRST CELL come from?

    and how a specie which was evolving knew that there were SWEET, SOUR and BITTER fruits out there on the tree so it grew itself DIFFERENT TASTE BUDS to recognize the SWEETNESS. BITTERNESS of the fruits.

    about taste buds,

    The average person has about 10,000 taste buds and they’re replaced every 2 weeks or so. But as a person ages, some of those taste cells don’t get replaced.

  • billo

    Astarte, is it a “established fact” that we have a common ancestor (I don’t mean me and and the chimps!)?

    But evolution doesn’t set out to explain how we get from nothing to something, from somethign to life, or from life to intelligence, right? It aims to explain a mechanism of change *given* the first in a series, no?

    and -as far as i know-it doesn’t say much about the range of choices thrown up by nature, just that they are randomly thrown up and that there is a selction mechanism . As Nagel says in the View from nowhere, a full explanation would surely have to account for that range and in that sense be timeless.

    Quick mental snapshots. Really? What about caricatures, “thin slicing” and speed dating?

  • Astarte

    b. yes it appears that way.
    You are right, science still has a lot to explain as well as the origin of life. However, the data in favour of evolution is overwhelming, particularly at the genetic level. (The book I can recommend is Francis Collins’ The Language of God).


  • billo

    don’t get me wrong astarte, I find that chimp quite cute (and he does bear a remarkable resemblance to a few people I know)but, but..

    what can compare to the sublime music we have:

  • RR

    wow – this is a lively debate – sorry I was away from this discussion –
    well evolution is a credible scientific process – however, one is not sure whether it is relevant to the extent Darwin suggests…

    anyway, guys thanks for adding so much here – lots of food for thought and chewing.

  • Grace

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