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Check out this credit repair service.

RMCN Credit Services, Inc. has been selected as the 28th fastest growing privately held company in the Dallas / Fort Worth Metroplex and recognized by the SMU Cox School of Business with the Prestigious 2007 Dallas 100â„¢ Entrepreneur Award. RMCN Credit Services, Inc. helps clients develop clean credit by using its “V” Phase Process® for credit repair.

RMCN makes credit repair made easy. It uses the “V” Phase Process® to clean your credit by auditing the credit bureaus and creditors. This process ensures that RMCN attain the best results in helping you improve your credit. With ten years experience, they claim to guarantee results.

Their strategy is that after enrollment in the program, RMCN demands that the credit bureaus and creditors verify that all reporting items are accurate. They will send updates every thirty to forty five days.

It is well known that the bad credit can be very costly. Every 1% point on a thirty year mortgage is equivalent to 25% of the amount financed: $100,000.00 loan @ 7% will cost you $25,000.00 more over thirty years than $100,000.00 @ 6%. It cost far more to do nothing about your credit problems than it does to optimize it.

Contact them here if you want to repair credit and manage it well.

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