Eco-friendly and energy efficient exit signs

ExitSigns.Net offers the highest quality self-luminous exit sign and egress products. The products you find here are all code-compliant, manufactured in the United States or Canada, and have been selected repeatedly by top architects and safety engineers to protect their buildings. The pigments used are premium and the substrates are durable and non-toxic. The designs are aesthetically modern, balanced, and tuned for optimal visibility and performance.

Visionary Earth has partnered with GreenTorchâ„¢ lighting to provide services related to energy-efficient exit signs, emergency lighting products, and other commercial lighting solutions with financing and project grants afforded through various sponsoring organizations. It is an exciting time to be a part of the carrying the GreenTorch â„¢, if you are interested in being a part of something great, making a difference, as well as, extending your career into the areas of eco-friendly solutions, VisionaryEarth is seeking you.

Greentorchâ„¢ TPES exit signs are designed to be a universal solution for facilities needing to make the switch to energy-efficient lighting. A Green Torch self luminous exit sign does not require electricity or ambient lighting to operate. They are ideal for situations where fluxuations in the lighting levels prevent usage of photoluminescent products. The models available are for 10 or 20 year lifespan. Simply select the color combination that matches your needs and determine the life cycle desired.

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