In praise of mothers..

A reader from Karachi, Ahsan Jan Allawala –  a student at the SZABIST, has contributed this little piece on the Mother’s Day. He wanted me to post this here and I am most pleased to do so given his devotion to his “super Mom”.

Today I wish all mothers` “A Happy Mother’s Day”
And would like to share my thoughts on this beautiful day

This piece of text is dedicated only to my mom
Who did all my upbringing and in return should be crowned “Super Mom”
Nothing in this world could replace that pearl
Which has been gifted to me so that my life could swirl

I love her, I adore her, I honour and worship her
Her soothing voice and her polite words, always make me want to praise her

Full of affection, full of joy
She always responded to my slightest cry

Gentle and soft is she at all times
Would never give up until she sees some positive signs

To me she’s an inspiration and a shining star
Without whom I’m nothing but a scentless flower

She instilled boldness, she instilled success
All of which helps me counter all kinds of distress

She’s a jewel within a jewel
Under whose shadow must I always dwell

Words fail me in continuing it further
As this verse ends my note with a single word “Mother”

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  • Sidhusaaheb

    “…so that my life could swirl”

    Is that inspired by your love of Merry-go-rounds, Ahsan, or is it milk-shakes? 😀

    BTW, wishing a happy mother’s day to both you and your Ma! :)

  • Ghazala Khan

    Mothers are Really WONDERFUL…. I would say ” Shades in the scorching sunlight”…..

  • Nawabzada Shajee Nawab

    It is a beautiful atribute paid to a mother, It means, whether it is atributed to a religion or personnel, the word has every admirable and intriguing the lot in herself.
    Our mother has effection only a percent compared to our LORD/ALLAH, who has created for us all the beautiful things for us and we not thnkful to him. The saddest of the human misfortunes.
    Nawabzada Shajee Nawab