On a long tiring flight, I was not too amused by another predictable rant on “Intimidation in Tehran” in the Time magazine.However, while browsing through, I could not help notice a stunning photograph taken by Olivia Arthur.

The image captured the interior of the Blue Mosque in Isfahan (Iran). So after weeks of procrastination, inertia and admittedly wavering self-confidence, I ventured to paint a version based on the image.

I tried not to imitate the image (despite the cliche that art imitates life!) but tried to achieve the spaces and lines that can also be a great expressionistic subject here. This is of course a basic version and I intend to add more personal details to make it another humble creation of yours truly.

The Time magazine does not mean much in my life but surely for this image I am thankful to the publication.

15 Responses to Isfahan’s Blue Mosque inspires a painting

  1. vidya rao says:

    That is beautiful! you’ve captured the quality of the light so beautifully, and the lines of the mosque, the street, the living presence of people! Stunning!

  2. sumair says:

    I think the best painting of yours so far ,,,
    its beautiful

  3. Asmapk says:

    really like the way you have used the element of light and dark, amazing!

  4. MysticSaint says:

    wow! lovely hue, warm.

    what is the dimension of the painting? done on oil right?

  5. RR says:

    These are such kind words..

    Vidya ji: thanks the original photograph was quite helpful 🙂

    Sumair: first of all please note that these are the acrylic paints that you chose in Lahore..thanks. Ah, I am not sure – this is more of a copy of the original photo.

    Astarte: thanks:)

  6. RR says:

    thanks bro: this is a 3×2 ft size:
    acrylic on canvas –

    Good to hear from you – hope all is well with the PHD

  7. That’s one beautiful painting, indeed! For a moment, I couldn’t believe it’s painted by RR. 🙂

  8. Arches. Corridors. Chaddors. Eyes. Echoes. Isfahan. Allah…Can the artist who painted these dreamy sensations be kind hearted enough to gift it to somebody he is fond of?

  9. Zia Hashmi says:

    A brilliant attempt at capturing the image of fascinating contours of mosque’s interior. A superb painting and am sure must be one of the marvels you have produced so far. ZH

  10. priya says:

    beautiful RR .i liked it.

  11. Meher says:

    Beautiful! You are so talented!

  12. […] (Image: Painting by Raza Rumi. Blue Mosque, Ishfahan, Iran.) […]

  13. JinxTheGypsy says:

    Excellent use of colours. You have captured light and shadow brilliantly. Very well done.

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    Keep up the good work

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