I am still devastated -the death toll is increasing. There seems to be no end to this reign of terror – Pakistanis are now hapless victims of the bigots and extremists who want to destory the our inherently plural and tolerant lived Islam.

LAHORE: Death toll of suicide attacks in Data Darbar has reached to 43 among which 28 martyrs have been identified, Geo News reported on Friday. 

Cultural capital Lahore was on high alert Friday after two suicide bombers blew themselves up at Data Darbar packed with devotees, killing more than 40 people and wounding 175.

“The first blast occurred in the basement followed by another one with a deafening sound,” said one witness.

On Friday, large numbers of police and other security personnel were patrolling all busy and sensitive areas in Lahore, a city of around 10 million people. Police sources said heads of two suicide bombers have been found.

Security was particularly tight around mosques ahead of weekly Muslim prayers, senior police officer Mohammad Faisal Rana told media.

A senior investigating officer told media that the bomber in the basement set off his vest after he was intercepted by a group of worshippers and that police were combing the scene for forensic clues.

The entire country is in state of shock and mourning on Data Darbar tragedy whereas several religious parties and traders of Lahore announced ‘Youm-e-Sog’ Friday.

Chief Minister Punjab Shahbaz Sharif has announced compensation of Rs. 0.5 million each for martyrs and Rs.75, 000 for wounded.

7 Responses to Lahore death toll is increasing

  1. Leenah says:

    This actually has been a stab in the heart. Life has seemed to lost its meaning and value for quite some time now, but the horrendous proportions to which this monster of intolerance and terror is exploding to, are sure a discover- a loathsome discovery.
    When there arises a question mark for the sacredness of everything and anything around, such are the times when the need to shed the increasing numbness of the excruciating pain becomes more crucial than ever.

    May we recover soon. May Allah grant peace to those departed and patience to those who lost.

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  3. Tim says:

    God Bless Pakistan. I pray for the healing of all those affected by this. I hope this time of anti-human, anti-God taliban can come to pass soon. Tim, UK

  4. Sasan Bidari says:

    I am so sorry to see such violence against my Sufi brothers. I pray for steadfastness through these horrific times. May the Spirit Of Peace guard their hearts and minds through these tragic times.

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  7. non-muslim says:

    what one sows one reaps. read precedes the deed. maybe you want to consider the hatred for kuffrs you teach your kids in your text books. Then maybe your kids when they grow will be more tolerant of diversity and start accepting other muslims if not the kuffrs.

    Love for thyself is a sin, love for thy neighbor is a virtue. I guess your prophet forgot to teach you this in his qoran and hadiths. All i am saying is the first step to allah and peace is love the kuffr (non-muslim). For only when you tolerate those unlike you is your heart free of venom that if not might prey on your own kind after you eliminated everything unlike you.

    Of course the average Pakistani will damn this message. Can’t expect better from what they have been taught as kids.

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