The India International Centre, where Hussain’s ‘Mughal India’ painting series are on dispaly, suspended the exhibition for Saturday after it received the threats from Bajrang Dal, sources said.

The IIC had received the Bajran Dal threat which said it has to face serious consequences if the capital’s high-profile cultural organisation continued to exhibit the works of the controversial artist, they said.

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6 Responses to M F Hussain’s exhibition raises hackles of Bajrang Dal

  1. Chintamani says:

    See the latest on the issue:

    Interesting the difference in your treatment of Mr. Hussain and Ms. Taslima Nasreen.

  2. RR says:

    thanks for the link and updating me
    cheers, R

  3. Sidhusaaheb says:

    Zealots…They seem to be all around…

  4. mystic says:

    somehow link didn’t open for me… just to let you know

  5. Every thing is a matter of convenience now days.A slightest of displeasure can result into a volcanic emission. In the recent past most protests which can be recalled had gained flavour for all wrong reasons except few. Numerous points of dissent, new conflicts of values and identities and a permanent animosity of meaning and interest have left to ponder?
    India is becoming full of redundant troublemakers. It’s the State’s job to tell them where to draw the line. A bunch of people—clueless retards, more descriptively—get offended by some Hollywood actor kissing some silly young woman on the cheek in public and publicly protest what they call an attack on their cultural ethos.
    We see one CM inviting Taslima so that she can be protected and the same people creating chaos for M F Hussain.
    We have also seen an increase in trials that hinge on free speech issues in recent years. These are all pre-planned, politically motivated, and carried out with malicious and malafide intention. Whether we like it or not, in India religious feelings are easily ruffled by scurrilous attacks on religion and the founder and central figures of that religion. Has anybody read James Laine’s book? No. And you have to be delusional to believe that Husain’s Bharat Mata is obscene. Nobody verifies things. People are willing to die for a lie.We are in a situation where the citizen is pitted against the political class. If the rights and interests of the political class are threatened, they go straight to mechanisms against citizens.
    Senseless furore often fuelled by religious hatred is one thing that we perhaps will have to learn to live with. At least till the time when the realization about the enormity of the damage caused by incidents that leads to these protests seeps in.We need to look at our laws, change the ones that are outmoded, and explore how better to use the ones we have.Under the Constitution it’s the complainant who must respond, but that never happens

  6. IMeMy says:

    Art bowing down to the dictates of fundamentalist beliefs is telling on the democratic strength of a nation. Art is creative expression and should be free of all socio-political shackles; it is a pity that artists have to flee nations and communities for their creative expression!

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