Hamid thinks that India is more jingoistic than Pakistan. There were some interesting moments in the interview as the quote below indicates. Full entry here >>

6 Responses to Mohsin Hamid on Indo-Pak perceptions

  1. Sreekumar says:

    Yeah, pretty interesting interview. I guess there should be more such exchange of ideas so that people can really make out which of their ideas of other are true and which are not.
    The interview did leave me pretty ambiguous. While the patriot (jingoist? egoist?) in me, wanted to argue with Mohsin Hamid, but I also realize that many of his criticism might be valid too.
    But then again this is just one view of India from Pakistan and I am sure there will be many more ways that people look at it.

  2. ayesha says:

    Thanks for this find. He puts across a lot of things I would have wanted to say to the Indian media. Good candid piece!

  3. sabizak says:

    i read this piece when it came out and was absolutely delighted by Hamid’s candor. In fact it was after this that I decided to read Moth Smoke and wasn’t disappointed by his novel either.

  4. mahi says:

    Indian media shamelessly panders to the jingoistic. Its over the top and reckless, both in its appraisal of Indian happennings as well as Pakistani society. In the same breath, I ought to comment on a nuance, relating to Hamid’s comment above. India media feeds on the perception not of THREAT, but of HOSTILITY, from Pakistan. Subtle but big difference i believe. Indian pop media is neither committed enough or sophisticated enough to actually assess a threat and comment on it. It panders more based on people’s resentment of the the other’s hate/hostility or the other itself. This has ready takers of course.

  5. Raza Rumi says:

    Dear All, thanks for the insightful comments.
    In this day and age, media itself has become a player, a power broker and I wonder how the two countries and all those whowant peace will counter this formidable challenge.

    Sabahat, I have also read the mothsmoke and it was not disappointing at all.

  6. Anand says:

    Well, I just feel he was not a candidate for an cross-nation interview at all. Maybe India is jingoistic and stuff, but more than that, I find his language too jingoistic of kinds. Maybe he had a bad day at office…

    Btw, discovered your blog quite accidentally and I have fallen in love with it..Keep writing…You’ve just added another dedicated reader…

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