Rickshaw and truck poetry from Pakistan

My old friend Raza Bokhari sent me these golden lines used by our rickshaw & truck drivers to express their angst, emotion and sense of humour in a hostile environment. Before I post them, a little on the image on the right (borrowed from paklinks.com).
The rickshaw on the right has street poetry on love, trust, doubt, prayer and jealousy. There is a sale/discount incentive on the left. As a mark of respect, the Ustads (mentors who must have coached the driver or helped him procure the rickshaw are also mentioned on the bottom left and bottom right).
And now the lines —-
Tu lang ja sadi kher ay
Pass by, I can wait

Zid na kar RANA aap bara ziddi ay

Don’t be obstinate, the driver is also a nut

Pass ker ya bardasht ker

Either pass me or tolerate me
Sawari labby na labby speed ek so nabby
Whether I have a client or not, I shall [over] speed
Jinnay maa nu staya onny raksha chalaya
The one who was rude to mother, ends up driving a rickshaw
Chal pagli sajan ke des
Dear girl, move to your lover’s kingdom
Lag gai tay rozi na lagi tay roza
If I get work there will be work, if not then I shall be fasting
Fasla rakhen nahi to pyar ho jayega
If you don’t keep distance, we might fall in love

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