Bordering between abstract and socio-political, Shaheen Sultan Dhanji’s photography, painting and writings are at once striking to readership.  Her art transforms the humble into amazing objects of desire.

Sultan’s  large scale of black and white photographs are at once contemporary, mingled with socio-political messages. Themes of war, poverty, women and sanitation, globalisation and various pressing subjects are provocatively captured on film. She has had some of her works exhibited in Ottawa and Toronto Canada.

Luminous yet subtle abstract and figurative paintings reveal a fusion cultural influences, and experiences endured in  Sultan’s journey in assmililating between life in Africa and North America.

Her art punctuates and pierces a wave of questions of human dignity, colossal loss of wars, life of a courtesan and major other social themes.  Sultan is senstive to light and colour. Her work can be calssified with using strong oil base, and lots of blues, yellows, red and burnt orange.

Apart from visual art, Sultan is a writer for several newspaper. Her subjects include politics, literature, poetry and eastern philosophy. She does not shy away in dialoguing concerns facing wars in Iraq and Afghanistan, not to mention the genocides in Congo. A constant worker, Sultan is convinced that tenacity and perserverance are the deepest, firmest pillars to create the enigma out there.

JR is grateful that Dhanji has shared the images of her two recent paintings that are shown above. The write up has been adapted from a review of her works.

24 Responses to Shaheen Sultan Dhanji’s art

  1. F.G says:

    Shaheen hello,
    Am most happy to see your work and know you personally.

    I also enjoy your articles very much.

    Warm wishes,


  2. Zoeb Umer says:

    Raza Sahab,
    Thank you for sharing talents from world artists. I really like the painting of the woman above. Is the Artist selling?

    MashaAllah work for Ms. Sultan.


    Zoeb Umer

  3. Siddarth Oberoi says:

    This is lovely. I like the hand painting and the colours are lovely. I also see the hand is covering the eye? Very interesting.

    Indian neighbour,


  4. Shaheen Sultan Dhanji says:

    It is Raza’s kindness to share my work with all…

    Thanks for the comments.


    Shaheen Sultan Dhanji

  5. Saqia Qureshi says:

    The portrait of the woman is painted smoothly. I like the finish because it leaves a very sweet and smooth effect. I’m a painter myself. Like the way Shaheen Sultan Dhanji has covered the face and not have a ‘tag’ attached to the face. Beauty lies in so many ways and looking at this figurative it shows so much.

    Second, the hand is covering a life. Thats what the painting means to me. Artist has (my perception) intricately woven LIFE into this hand and it’s really pleading the way to some far path. Liked it very much. Mentioned above that Sultan does photography, would want to see those some time.

    Regards from Qattar

    Saqia Qureshi

  6. Nageeb Somani says:

    Shaheen, it is a pleasure to know you. Good to see Ismaili artist emerging in society and leaving a trail of good. You’re an intelligent young woman and I’m proud of our Ismaili heritage and knowing another artist. Please contact me when you get a moment and I wish you lots of great success in your endeavours.


  7. Mian Mir Shah says:

    FRom Kabul Afghanistan. This is Mian Mir Shah wants to find information about Shaheen Saheba. Do she write about Afghanistan? Tabish Bhimani refer me to this site to know more. I read few days back about article she wrote on Mirza Ghalib. Like very much.

    Khoda Hafiz

    Mian Mir Shah

  8. Abu Sadik Hassan says:

    She also beautiful and smart. I met her at the African Socialist meeting and is great speaker. Nice eyes! Wish her best of luck and good work for a better world to live in.
    Free Africa!
    Abu Sadik Hassan – Cape Town, South Africa

  9. Neha Mirchandani says:

    Wonderful art. I’m an amateur artist and seeing this makes me want to learn more. Where can I contact Shaheen? I’m in Santa Monica, USA.

  10. eliyaan says:

    brother jahaane rumi, you have intresting categories in your blog. i engine searched shaheen sultan on the google after i read her article on salvador allende. it was well written and now i came across your blog. i’m enjoying very much. so much to learn now from this blog. comments above also are from people in different countries, your blog is popular. i’m from turkey, also birthplace of mevelana rumi but i live in istanbul.

  11. Asra Abrar says:

    Lovely paintings. Wonderful site.

    Bless all.


  12. Karim says:

    Shaheen Sultan Dhanji, very good to see your art & I really like this site. I feel like I’m really in Pakistan after going thru the site. Good job Jahane Rumi.

    Above commentor, Abu Sadik, it’s true Shaheen is lovely and intelligent and I know her really well to say she’s also a music lover and strong views on socialism.

    Jahane Rumi, accept my best wishes.


  13. Shaheen Sultan Dhanji says:

    Dear friends,

    I am grateful to all for appreciating my art, and for much encouragement to keep exploring and creating art.

    But…Raza… much thanks to you, for this beautiful platform -Jahane Rumi; it is here where I feel most at “home”-an abode of completeness, especially when the West feels a bit cold.


  14. Shergill says:

    Good to see Shaheen’s work. However, the review lacks about the charismatic personality of the artist. What is the “A’s in between para’s?

    Your site is lovely Mr.Rumi.

  15. Shaista Rahman says:

    Way to go Shaheen Sultan Dhanji. Met her at the concert last week and what a beautiful personality and very knowledgeable. women like Shaheen are important in society to learn from and as inspiration. Here is a woman with so many talents and passionate to make a vast difference! Even her art has many questions of global issues and she dialogues very well. Am proud to know a beautiful woman Shaheen. May God keep bestowing her with success. She is shy of accepting compliments!!

    Jahane Rumi, it is my first time on site here and what amazing library you have given us all. God bless you.

    Shaista Rahman

  16. Nuruddin says:

    Shaheen, this is superb to read up on your many talents.
    You’re a good role model for the younger generations and may you succeed at your goals.

    This is a great site. Will visit again

  17. Nice work…. you are really hidden treaure of Pakistan. I am working on pictures of pakistan (web site) so one can find Pakistani Pix and Touarism details from a Paki web site rather to find some US or UK based via GOOGLE.

    with best wishes

    Muhammad Irfan

  18. Nargis says:

    Lovely site.

    Just met Shaheen Sultan, what a lovely woman, full of knowledge and pleasant to talk to. Although the review above should be longer and detailed about her life and talent. It’s too short and only sheds light on little areas.

    Jahane Rumi, thanks for sharing this and I will return to the blog soon as tomorrow.


  19. Ari Saleem says:

    Nice art, Shaheen. I really enjoyed hearing you at International womans Day function. Your positive energy is still lingering in my mind and feel very moved. After loosing my only sister to leukemia years ago and penniless, but hard work and determination has seen me through it all. It is great to see such a woman with so much to offer the world in arts and knowledge. Shaheen, may the Creator bless you with all your aspirations. Very lovely to have met you and know of your artistic qualities.
    Next womans day you must come to Maldives.

    Canada was a good host.

    I came across this site after looking into the many works of Shaheen Sultan Dhanji and I find this site very moving and warm wishes to Jahane Rumi.

    Ari Saleem
    Maldives Women’s Outreach Org

  20. Esfandyar says:

    This is a good review but a detailed biographical review would help to know art and personality a bit more.
    I agree with the above commentor, Jahane Rumi’s blogs are very good.

    Greetings from California, Dr. Esfandyar

  21. Cohen Matheson says:

    Shaheen Sultan Dhanji’s art is very powerful. I had the good pleasure to meet her at the Epiphany group exhibition and she is one of the artists to display her art. Her detailed work in abstractism is appealing. It was very surprising to learn that she has never had an art teacher; very talented woman. I find her to be politically conversant and literary engaging. My wife really loved the sari the artist was wearing. South Asians sure are graceful! Best luck,
    Cohen Matheson

  22. Sahar Magdy says:

    Thanks for the article.

    What a wonderful personality Ms.Shaheen Sultan Dhanji. Her passion to make this a better world is very inspiring and I wish her all the best.

    Palestine loves you, Shaheen!!!!

    Thank you.

    Sahar Magdy

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