Squeeze Holidays

Do you wish to squeeze in some time to relax on the beach for example at the beautiful chains of Sharm El Sheikh Hotels?

Visit Squeeze Holidays – they are specialists in popular beach destinations in Spain, Canaries, Balearic Islands, Greece, Portugal, Turkey, Egypt, Tunisia and many more.

Squeeze Holidays is a trading name of Web Adventure Holidays Ltd and a branch of the Freedom Travel Group. The team behind Squeeze Holidays has  worked in all aspects of the travel industry from tour operations to the provision of enabling technologies to mass market distribution platforms for many of the household names within the industry.

For instance if you want to stay at Benidorm Hotels ,Squeeze Holidays will help you.

The reason to launch Squeeze Holidays is that no other travel company is achieving excellence in ALL of its functions. Some provide excellent service, but highly uncompetitive prices, whilst others provide cheap products, but with a cheap service to go along with it. Squeeze Holidays intend to break that mould by providing both highly competitive pricing, in conjunction with superior service and efficient.

One of the key aspects of this company is that they are an Internet-only operation and don’t waste money on either high street branches or expensive call centres. In the coming months the initial offering of accommodation only bookings in beach destinations will be expanded to cover the full range of products that one would expect from a full-service online travel agency.

It is on my itenirary to visit Sharm El Sheikh Hotels

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