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Abr mi barad-o man shovm-e az yar-e judaa (The cloud weeps…)

Amir Khusrau’s lofty couplet

Abr mi barad-o man shovm-e az yar-e judaa
Choon kunam dil becheneen roz zedildar judaa.
Abr baraan wa man-o yar satadah ba-widaa
Man judaa girya kunaan, abr judaa, yaar judaa

The cloud weeps, and I become separated from my friend –
How can I separate my heart from my heart’s friend on such a day.
The cloud weeping, […]

March 13th, 2010|Personal, South Asian Literature, Sufi poetry, Sufism|4 Comments

Don’t talk about the journey (Rumi)

come come come
my endless desires
come come come
come my beloved
come my sweetheart […]
September 28th, 2009|Rumi, Sufi poetry|0 Comments

Flames from that wine

I saw my Beloved wandering about the house:
He had taken up a rebeck and was playing a tune.
With a touch like fire he was playing a sweet melody,
Drunken and distraught and bewitching from the night’s
He was invoking the cup-bearer in the mode of Iraq:
Wine was his object, the cup-bearer was only an excuse.
The beauteous cup-bearer, pitcher in hand,
Stepped forth from a recess and placed it in the middle.
He filled the first up with that sparkling wine-
Didst thou ever see water set on fire?
For the sake of those in love he passed it from hand to hand,
Then bowed and kissed the lintel. […]

March 1st, 2009|Poetry, Rumi, Sufi poetry, Sufism|0 Comments

Put thy eyes into mine…..Shah Hussain

My wrist in the beloved’s grip,
I cannot ask Him to leave hold.
Dark is the night, the cloud is dripping,
I suffer it for lack of a messenger,
The tyrant has sent a call.
They alone know what is love and longing,
Who have it in their lives.
Like digging a well in dry land,
With no cart to carry away the […]

March 1st, 2008|Sufi poetry, Sufism|6 Comments