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Midnight’s furies

The violent process of Partition remains a highly contested domain in the study of history. Raza Rumi examines various histories of Partition in the light of arguments from three recent books on the blood-stained events of 1947

The debate on India’s Partition of 1947 continues even 68 years after the cataclysmic event took place. […]

December 18th, 2015|History, Pakistan, Published in The Friday Times, SouthAsia|2 Comments

Understanding Islam and its history

Toby Lester’s incisive article What Is the Koran? argues that researchers with a variety of academic and theological interests ‘are proposing controversial theories about the Koran and Islamic history, and are striving to reinterpret Islam for the modern world…’ I was struck by this passage at the end:

Increasingly diverse interpretations of the Koran and Islamic history […]

April 28th, 2009|Islam|3 Comments