Sadia Dehlvi’s book – Sufism: the Heart of Islam

Sadia Dehlvi with bookFinally Sadia Dehlvi’s book, Sufism: The Heart of Islam (HarperCollins), is published and was launched last week in Delhi. India’s eminent writer Khushwant Singh and historian Mushirul Hasan launched the book while Vidya Rao and Oroon Das rendered Sufi verses with music  and subtle intonations befitting the Sufi path.

The book is a labour of love and I am fortunate to have seen the book evolve over the last four years and it is finally a beautiful edition  with tributes to the great saints and their teaching. Below is an excerpt and a report on the book launch.
Tariqa – the Way of the Sufi

At many stages in life I came close to giving up on the idea of God altogether. Growing up in the seventies one inherited a mixed bag of values. Progressive writers professed agnosticism and friends jeered at the idea of hell or heaven. Churches, temples, mosques and monasteries were simply not fashionable in the […]