Beo Zafar – Pakistan’s ace-comediane

A short piece that I wrote on Beo, Pakistan’s ace-comediane whose talents are diverse and ever-blooming.

Beo [Khala] as I have known her for years is a restless spirit, haunted by a perennial quest for change and self-realization. Over a decade ago I was introduced to her by my precious friend Asad Azfar who happens to be her nephew. It turned out to be a terrific series of encounters – never had I met someone so electric, funny and dare-I-say eclectic. Beo had the charm of a soothsayer, skills of a face-reader and a neo-psychoanalyst. It was hard to believe that a super-talented woman was not getting out of the shell that Pakistani society imposes on women. But it was not to be. Beo actually tinkered with her destiny and has now acquired national and international fame.

While Asad Azfar proceeded to Harvard Business School and proved his mettle in the corporate world, I left the limiting confines of officialdom and moved on to pursue a life in development and writing, Beo Khala opened newer and greater vistas for herself. In less than a decade she published a collection of poetry, managed successful enterprises and turned into a star comedienne. It was as if all her gifts bloomed, petal by petal. Never have I heard of such fantastic tales of self actualisation. […]