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Mystical Form of Islam Suits Sufis in Pakistan

Known here today as Data Ganj Baksh, or Giver of Treasures, the Persian-speaking mystic journeyed to Lahore with Central Asian invaders, according to Raza Ahmed Rumi, a Pakistani writer and expert on Sufism. He settled outside the city, a stopover on the trade route to Delhi, started a meditation center and wrote a manual on Sufi practices, Mr. Rumi said. Few here last week knew many of those facts but that did not seem to matter. The dancing and drumming was part of a natural rhythm of life that after nearly 10 centuries was as much about culture as it was about faith

February 26th, 2010|Culture, Lahore, Personal, Religion, SouthAsia, Sufism|6 Comments

More on Data Ganj Bakhsh of Lahore

Further to yesterday’s post on Data Saheb,  Shirazi Saheb from Lahore has sent this story related to Data Ganj Baksh. The incident seems to have taken place in the early twentieth century.

I am reproducing it below:

Before independence Rae Bahadar Ram Saran Das lived near the shrine […]

January 22nd, 2007|India-Pakistan History|4 Comments

Shaikh Ali Hujwiri – Data Saheb of Lahore

The shrine of Shaikh Ali Hajweri, Data Ganj Bakhsh, or Data Sahib is a landmark of sorts in the subcontinent. It has been a centre of inspiration since the eleventh century. He was both a scholar and a saint and author of the first treatise on Sufism in Persian language – Kashf al Mahjub (or […]