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“A Strange Problem” by Kunwar Narain

A strange problem
By Kunwar Narain

I have a strange problem these days
The power to hate with all my heart
Is ebbing by the day
I want to hate the English
(They ruled us for two centuries)
But Shakespeare sidles up
To whom I owe so much
I want to hate the Muslims
But Ghalib stands before me
Tell me, is it possible to […]

September 5th, 2006|Indo Pak peace, Poetry, Religion, South Asian Literature|3 Comments

Silhouettes of Intimacy (Waqt ke khandar se jo..)

Shalimar  Gardens

Waqt Ke Khandar Se Jo

Qurb Ke Jharoke Se

Lamhe Chand Churae Thay

Garm Ret Ki Manind

Haath Se Phisalte Hain

Aankh Men Sulagte Hain

Din Bhi Badguman Se Hain

Shamen Ujri Ujri Si

Tum Agar Sanbhalo To

Aag Se Nikalo To

Rooh Ke Ufaq Par Door

Ek Badli Umdi Hai

Khul Ke Woh Baras Jai

Ek Shaam Bas Jai….!


And here’s an imperfect, improvised translation

From the ruins […]

September 4th, 2006|Urdu, Urdu Literature|0 Comments