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In City of Tolerance…

I was quoted in this NYT article on Lahore

Still, Raza Rumi, a writer and blogger who takes great pride in his city, insisted that “Islamic extremism has had very little appeal here.” The cultural life of Lahore goes on, as it has for centuries.

He said […]

November 3rd, 2008|Lahore|3 Comments

William Chittick on Islamic Mysticism

Farah at her blog has done a remarkable thing by selecting some excellent quotes from an essay called “Islamic Mysticism” by William Chittick

Full Text.


The fact that specialists are wary of generalizations in no way hinders the mistaken perception of most people in the West that there is a clearly defined something out there called “Islam.” […]

August 4th, 2008|Personal, Sufism|3 Comments

Hassan Massoudy’s calligraphy: Raza et Rumi

“The gestures of the calligrapher become an open space, welcoming the words of the poet and the imagination of the onlooker”.

Discovered this image of a calligraphic work and about the Iraqi artist Hassan Massoudy at the JTG Art Blog.

The major part of the […]

June 19th, 2008|Arts & Culture, Personal, World Artists|3 Comments