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Occupy yourself with your own inward self! – Rumi

Oh heart, place no honey in the mouth of the
ill! Speak not of entrancing eyes in the assembly of the blind!
Although God is nearer to His servant than his
jugular vein, He is far from those who are far
from Him.
Occupy yourself with your own inward self!
Then like moons the concealed maidens will come out in theophany […]

December 21st, 2006|Rumi, Sufi poetry|0 Comments

Everything except love is devoured by Love

The wild beast wouldn’t dare to devour the flesh of the lover:

Love is recognized both by the corrupt and by the good;
and if the beast should attempt to rip the lover apart with words,
the lover’s flesh will become a fatal poison.
To the beak of Love the two worlds are but a single grain.
Everything except love […]

September 17th, 2006|Poetry, Rumi|4 Comments

Immersed in His glow – Rumi

where have you gone
the settler of my soul
did you fly away
or hide in your home

as soon as you saw
the loyalty of my heart
you turned around and
flew like a bird

your vision captured
the wandering of our spirits
then away from the crowd
you journeyed in solitude

you went away so quick
as though you were
a morning breath
carrying a flower’s aroma

but you […]

September 10th, 2006|Rumi, Sufi poetry|1 Comment