The past crept into my mind today
A new day, a different recall
Of days gone by so hurriedly
I grasped the rose ever so quietly
Like leaves falling from a tree
Now the rose is no more
It invades my ever-arousing thoughts
The current of air blows by
I hear the breeze tenderly hissing
Transferring their way through the petals
Fluttering to pat the passion
I know! It’s my angel rose.

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3 Responses to The Angel Rose – a poem by Fatima Hasan

  1. kinkminos says:

    which subcontinental language is this translated from?
    if i had to hazard a guess i would say tamil, or perhaps lepcha.

  2. RR says:

    Kinkminos: No this is very much a home grown Karachi based young poet who is kind enough to send poems and I post them here – in the faint hope that by encouraging new writers and poets, one is motivating them to write more…

  3. aah, reminds me of a flowery fragrance ona route i used to take many mornings ago….

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