In a story entitled Punjab grants divine man obscene rights, Hamid Asghar of DAWN had written this report about the way the Sufi descendants of today can use their influence. I had saved the story and forgot where I had saved it. Today, I stumbled upon it. And, here it is – this is why the Sufis and their shrines are a target of negative comments.

GUJAR KHAN: That a divine man wants to drive in style in our VIP culture would not surprise many, but that the government helps him in the obscenity would.

That is how the local traffic police felt when it stopped a car for travelling with hooter blaring and blue light flashing on its roof and was confronted with a carte blanche in the form of an official letter addressed To Whom It May Concern.

The flashing light was just one sign that the car belonged to Badshah Ghosia Qalandar Baba Sarkar. His eminence were also proclaimed through a green flag, with Kalima on it, flying from the bonnet and Allah-o-Akbar and 786 emblazoned on either side of the personalised Ghospak green number plate.

Though the official letter prevented the police from taking any action against the owner of the car, it secured a copy of it for verification by the issuing authority  the Punjab Chief Minister’s Secretariat.

It is a piece to be read to learn how authority is exercised and distributed in the blighted Land of the Pure:

The chief minister Punjab has been pleased to approve that the private vehicle bearing the personalised registration number GHAUSPAK is allowed to display a green coloured hooter and green coloured flag bearing Kalma Tayyaba on it during the times when BADSHA GHOSIA QALANDAR BABA SARKAR travels in it.

This approval is exclusive for the above mentioned vehicle. All concerning authorities are hereby directed not to interrupt this, says the letter signed by G.M. Sikander, principal secretary to the chief minister.

7 Responses to The distasteful side of fedual shrine culture

  1. Sidhusaaheb says:

    Humility is one of the most important qualities that lead towards divinity. Not any more perhaps… 🙂

  2. Bewkoof says:

    Politics and Religion uplift each other.

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  4. Vandana says:

    Reminds me of the various ‘babas’ in India who have the same penchant for the high life!!

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  6. UK Plc says:

    I am not surprised by the method, Mr Hamid Asgar of The Dawn newspaper has used to “expose”, this person, who may well be a divine authority (Allah knows best). His total disregard to investigative journalism and lack of basic Islamic knowledge / values proves that this is just a sensational story for him and a notch in his reporting belt, rather than what governs proper mandatory ethical responsible reporting with the correct message being portrayed.
    Mr Hamid Asgar has, I think, jumped on the band wagon and not thought of any type of consequences or repercussions that it may leave on his readers, what he has displayed is that HE has only used the same negative paint brush as every irresponsible reporter does.
    More importantly He has forgotten that in Islam, everybody is innocent “until” proven guilty, but this is of no concern to him as HE is only reporting what he sees fit to do so.
    I think it is high time with all the strive and struggle that Pakistan internally is facing, media has a more prominent role to play and portray information that is beneficial and constructively mindful of the delicacies and complicities of responsible reporting, which in my mind should result in positive attitude in the readership
    On this occasion, in my opinion, Mr Hamid Asgar has let down his readers and possibly let down himself, although he may not realize this.

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