The folded moment

Well, this evening I was bored with my writing. To amuse myself I assembled this little poem.

This was just another day
humdrum, ordinary, plain
save the few words
of assurance ..
nameless affections
and vacant moments.
So I picked up
a moment, casually
and put it away
in my silly pocket.

I am home now
looking for it;
and just found out
that the crumpled moment
has grown into a premonition
of things to happen
of words that could be said
or left unsaid.

So I have folded that moment
neatly and gently
and placed it in a book
that I intend to read
but might not actually read.

And yet, tomorrow
I want to see what happens to it.
Will it gaze at me,
with a sardonic smile
and inquire: “Are you looking for me”

Raza Rumi – April 18 – 11 pm

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Raza Rumi is a freelance writer from Lahore, Pakistan. He regularly writes for the Pakistani weekly The Friday Times, The News and Daily DAWN on myriad topics such as history, arts, literatue and society. Raza blogs at Jahane Rumi - a website devoted to Sufi thought, the arts, literature, and cultures of South Asia. Raza also edits a cyber-magazine Pak Tea House; and compiles the Development Industry blog . Specialties: Raza is also regular writer at All Things Pakistan, Desicritics, and Global Voices. Raza has worked in Pakistan and abroad in various organizations including multilateral institutions such as the United Nations.

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  • Naveed Siraj


  • IMeMy

    How many such ‘moments’ we collect along the way, and then we search for ‘that moment’ yet ‘again’!

    A pointed piece so pertinent to being human, though not all of us are as ‘neat’ and ‘gentle’ in our ‘folding’, hehe

    I enjoyed the way you walked us through your poem.

  • RR

    Siddhu and Naeed Bhai: This was such a pointless poem – but I was just too bored with what I was writing…
    Id: you are right – so many moments, special and mundane – but the search can sometimes be fun..and coming from you – a seasoned poet, I am flattered…
    cheers, R

  • Shaheen Sultan Dhanji

    But….you found specs of that ‘moment’ and rendered it beautifully. “Vacant moments” are most treasured, for it is that time, we truly feel naked with being cognizant with ourselves…. It is a self embrace — bitter-sweet like the taste of persimmon?

    Lovely poem Raza Sahab !


  • Aadil

    Very beautiful! Quite refreshig!