I wish to apologise for those who may not be able to understand the lyrics – but I was most excited to find these videos on the internet.

Abhi Dhoond Rahi Thi Tumhe Yeh Nazar Hamari


Kuch Log Rooth Kar Bhi Lagtay hain Kitnay Piyaray


Woh Mera Ho na Saka, Mein Bura Kiyon Manoon


One Response to Three Melodies – the evergreen voice of Noor Jehan

  1. Sidhusaaheb says:

    ‘Hindi’ film songs of that era made use of almost the same vocabulary and yet those were ‘Hindi’ films and these were ‘Urdu’ films. I would not say that either side was copying the other, but simply that they really were (and still are) very similar culturally.

    I have seen many people from Pakistan feel threatened about their ‘separate identity’ being questioned and the ‘two nation theory’ in jeopardy, when I say that, although it is not something that is untrue.

    To that I would say that Pakistan is and has been a sovereign nation for the past 60 years and I recognise and respect that. However, I still do feel bad about a split that was based on religion alone and even more so about the fact India and Pakistan still do not share relations as cordial as I would have wanted them to.

    All that is besides the point, however.

    Madam Noor Jehan had a golden voice and I love listening to it! I especially recall her songs from the film Anmol Ghadi that I often used to listen to on radio, in my younger days, and still get to watch on television sometimes. 🙂

    These songs are absolutely wonderful! Thanks for posting these here! 🙂

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