Ejaz Haider’s article published in today’s Daily Times is a welcome perspective. Thanks for some sanity..

…Pakistan may be in a political crisis, but it is neither in trouble nor troubled. Indeed, the complexity of the situation and the response of the civil society/political actors — also the government — shows the country is moving towards settling some of those questions that have vexed it in the past five decades. This is part of growing up, maturing.

That possibly cannot be bad even if this may not sound sexy to the western press.

2 Responses to Trouble bubble – a fresh perspective

  1. billo says:

    Sorry, missed it. Where is the “growing up” here? The supreme court shafted, a “deal” with politcal parties that wipes the slate clean, martial law, a ban on t.v channels and , according to the Genral himself, actions that were illegal and unconstituitonal.

    How does the response “of the government” indicate any politcal maturity? How bizarre!
    Is the rounding up of thousands of lawyers and activists “growing up”?

    So, according to Ejaz Pakistan isn’t in any trouble. Er..what,exactly, would he call Swat, Wazirastan, and ‘Talibanisation’?

  2. sara says:

    Political Crisis! What can one say? Musharraf will make us all go MAD.
    Really tired of politics. Have a look at an article throwing light at some related point of view at:


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