I am happy
when I am sad
I am together
when fallen apart
like earth
when I am silent
I have thunder
hidden inside

— Translation by Nader Khalili
“Rumi, Dancing the Flame”
Cal-Earth Press, 2001


When compassion fills my heart,
free from all desire,
I sit quietly like the earth.
My silent cry echoes like thunder
throughout the universe.

— Translation by Azima Melita Kolin
and Maryam Mafi
“Rumi: Whispers of the Beloved”
HarperCollins Publishers Ltd, 1999

10 Responses to When compassion fills my heart

  1. Manpreet says:

    Beautiful Lines Raza, thanks for sharing. I guess I would have to find a collection of Rumi and read it. You tempt us with one piece at a time.

  2. aqeeliz says:

    I must agree with Manpreet, I have heard a lot about Romi but haven’t read his work yet, except for what I have read on your blog and it has made me really interested. 🙂

    Any recommendations on book and/or translator?

  3. Razi Allah says:

    Sufism has become an idee fixe for most of the educated and uneducated minds of our generation. Disenchanted by the fossilized traditonal (non-sufi) conception of Islam, most of our educated youth have tried to find comfort in Sufism as the so-called peaceful, inclusive and undogmatic panacea for the spiritual vacuousness of unbridled materialism and restrictive moralizing (which, quite often, manifests itself in hypocritical ways) of the upholders of traditional Islam.

    In the West, too, Sufism has caught on and Rumi is the new fad. Politically, the western intelligentsia sees it as a solution to the “fundamentalist/totalitarian” ideology of traditional Muslim groups and seeks to patronize it.

    Unfortunately, what many in our midst don’t bother about is read the history of sufism and its various manifestations throughout its historical journey. This is not the occassion to get into an academic inquiry on the subject but there is a need to present the other side of sufism, its forced marriage with Islam and the significant ways in which it differs from the Islam presented by the Qur’an.

    Specifically on Rumi, Afza Iqbal in his book “The Life and Works of Jalaluddin Rumi” has translated a story by Rumi “The Maidservant and the Ass”, which he calls “… the most provocative story in the Mathnawi”. I cannot reproduce the translation here but anyone who reads it will feel, despite the apologetics of Afzal Iqbal, thoroughly disgusted and more so because this sickening story is immediately followed by the Qur’anic admonition about the bestial soul. I am sure every good Muslim can sit with his wife and daughters and read out this story for a better understanding of the Qur’anic moral lesson.

  4. Le Mystique says:

    @manpreet & aqeelz
    Try this link: http://www.rumi.net/

  5. […] When compassion fills my heart I am happy when I am sad I am together when fallen apart like earth when I am silent I have thunder hidden … 2 days ago […]

  6. aqeeliz says:

    Le Mystique, Thanks for the link

  7. Dastagir says:

    Aqeeliz : Hi. IF you have the time, spend some resources (Tann-Mann-Dhann.. or Daamey-Darmey-Suqan`ey) and read a few books… to understand the “Heart” of Islam. Throw the frills.. get to the root of the matter. A few names come to mind. If you can buy / read from the library… a few books by Annemarie Schimmel come to my mind :

    1. Mystical Dimensions of Islam
    2. Deciphering signs of God- a phenomenological approach to Islam.
    3. Gabriel’s Wing.
    4. A dance of Sparks (on Ghalib)
    5. The Triumphant Sun (on RUMI)
    6. As thru a Veil
    7. Mystery of Numbers
    8. AND Mohammed is His Messanger
    9. Look, this is Love ! (on Rumi)
    10. Rumi’s World (Life + Works of Rumi) [i am wind / u r fire]
    11. My soul is a woman (The “Feminine” in Islam”…

    a book on Rumi by William Chittick.. Just to name a few.

  8. shama zaidi says:

    dear rumi
    i wonder why you have not mentioned fehmida riyaz’s translations of rumi which have been recorded by shafqat khan for muzaffar ali in a cd as well.

  9. Dastagir says:

    Respected Madame Shama Zaidi Saheba… we have grown up hearing stories of Col. BH Zaidi at AMU… subsequently we came to know you wrote the script of Garm-Hawa… that Kaifi Azmi held you in high regard… I was also updated that you were handling Eenadu-TV (Urdu). You are one of the last repositories of Urdu Literature… i will not flatter your ego… but i hope… wish… dream… and pray… that you assist some Urdu speaking boys and girls… to devote themselves to Urdu… take up M.A., in Urdu and Persian… (The Tri-murti of Urdu-Faarsi-Arabie… that Maulana Abulkalam Azad possessed). Languages wont take decades. Ek Hawwa Bana ke rakh diya hai. Young people should master a language in a year… and then hone up from there (each according to his/her own lights and abilities). There is a huge opening for M.A. / M. Phil’s… in Urdu – Arabic – Faarsi… as the Indian Foreign Service is going to be doubled in the next 5 years. M.A.s in Urdu / Faarsi / Arabic… are not “rejects” or “unfits”. They are jewels. Students of Urdu -Arabic – Faarsi must be encouraged to sit tight… and appear for UPSC exams… I want Shama Zaidi to direct that inspiration… ignite hearts ! Languages and Social Sciences are not a waste. Engineer-Doctor is not THE only profession. Urdu-Arabic-Faarsi is not a waste. It is a jewel. Madame Shama Zaidi.. i request you.. to visit schools/colleges/ universities… and speak to Urdu/Faarsi/Arabic students… and inspire them to SIT for UPSC Exams. Nevermind if they fail.. Life is about “attempting”… and taking chances.

  10. Amir Hamza Jamali says:

    Aah to Love / Ishq with the Beloved.
    what Rumi wrote for his Ishq the Beloved Shams of Tabriz !!!

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