Why a Pakistani Ambassador is not acceptable to Saudi Arabia

Now this is truly funny – Saudis have rejected the credentials of our Ambassador designate on not-so-flimsy grounds

Read here – the post at Cafe Piyala is appropriately titled: Name, Name, My Kingdom for Name

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  • dastagir

    Shows the intellectual level / stature of Saudi Arabians ! The term Saudi Arabia itself is an insult to history. It is one “Jazira-al-Arab” (Saudi + Yemen + Kuwait + Oman + Jordan). This is one whole. Slices were made by the british to reward their agents.

    As regards the name., has it come to this. Is the Arab mind simply pre-occupied with male (or female) genetilia ? Will they stop reading Charles DICKens because of his name. How did the Saudis deal with DICK Cheney ?

    Hunh ! Arabs and Islam (today)., are not compatible., but are opposed to each other (at a conceptual level). Islam has a future in Central Asia., i guess. It may take 3-4 centuries from now., but the mantle has passed from the hands of the Arabs.

    As regards Saudis in particular, and arabs in general (Total arabs : 100 million.. i.e. 10 crores… i.e. half of Bangladeshi Population); they are slowly returning to Pre-Islamic Age.

    Fikr-o-Arab ko de ke.. firangi taqayyulaat
    Islaam ko hijaaz-o-Yaman se nikaal do !

    (Iqbal – Iblis ki Majlis-e-Shoora / Iblis ka Farmaan.. apne siyasi farzandon ke naam).

    The Saudi Experiment is unique in terms of sociology and anthropology. What a waste of billions. It is a graveyard. Arabs are a fine race., but today plain consumers who eat sleep and produce kids. Intellectually they are dead… and lead a vegetable existence.

    Sorry : Intent is not to hurt anyone.. but truth must be uttered.. and plainly so.

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