Raza Ahmad Rumi is a Pakistani writer and a public policy specialist currently based in Ithaca, New York, USA. He is Director at the Park Center for Independent Media, Ithaca College and visiting faculty at Cornell Institute for Public Affairs. He is also the founding editor of Nayadaur Media. Earlier he was editor Daily Times and The Friday Times. During 2015-2017, Raza was a scholar in residence at Ithaca College and taught courses in journalism and writing departments as well as at the Gallatin School of Individualized Study, New York University. He is currently a member of think tank at Laboratory for Global Performance and Politics, Georgetown University; and a nonresident fellow at the Berkley Center for Religion, Peace and World Affairs.

In the recent past, he has been a fellow at New America Foundation (2014); United States Institute of Peace (Sept 2014-March 2015) and a visiting fellow at National Endowment for Democracy. He is also  a senior fellow at the Jinnah Institute in Islamabad. Raza has been a commentator and a current affairs talk show host in Pakistan and was affiliated with the Express TV, Capital TV in Pakistan. He has been published in Foreign Policy, Huffington Post, New York Times, The DiplomatFair Observer, CNN and Al Jazeera, Daily O, Scroll India, The Hindu andIndian Express, among others. His columns for the Express Tribune can be accessed here.

Raza’s books include: Delhi by Heart: Impressions of a Pakistani Traveler (Harper Collins, 2013), The Fractious Path: Pakistan’s Democratic Transition (Harper Collins India, 2015); Identity, Faith and Conflict (ICOA, 2017); and Being Pakistani: Essays on Arts, Culture and Society (Harper Collins, India). He also co-edited Rethinking Pakistan (2019) and The Role of Public Administration in Building Harmonious Societies (2007).

Prior to his foray in public affairs and journalism, Raza worked as a governance and capacity development specialist for the Asian Development Bank, the Government of Pakistan, a number of Pakistani nongovernmental organizations, and the United Nations Mission in Kosovo. He has also been an academic adviser to the Network of Asia Pacific Schools and Institutes of Public Administration and Governance (NAPSIPAG); a public policy adviser to LEAD Pakistan, a nonprofit focused on sustainable development; and served on the advisory board member of both the ASR Resource Centre and the South Asian Institute of Women’s Studies in Lahore. As a freelance policy professional/consultant occasionally advises international development organizations, governments and NGOs.

He holds a Bachelor’s in Economics and a Masters in Social Planning, both from the London School of Economics. He has also been trained in law and public administration at the Civil Services Academy in Lahore.

In March 2014, he survived an assassination attempt in which his driver lost his life. Within weeks, he left Pakistan for security reasons. [Read this post by Committee to Protect Journalists].

P.S. Jahane Rumi started as a blog and now a personal a website devoted to Sufi thought, the arts, literature, and cultures of South Asia. Raza also blogs at cyber-magazines Pak Tea House & Lahore Nama . ‘Raza Rumi’ was adopted as a nom de plume in 2005 to keep his personal writings and opinions separate from the day job[s] in government and development institutions. Raza Rumi’s alter-ego has several development reports, academic and policy publications to his credit.