Truly,  LOVE  is  the  sole  universal  experience. In modern times, we all  know  Human Love, but can we cross over to  Divine Love, as the Sufis seemed to do?
A song ,i wrote….(Surya Rao Maturu)


 FRIENDS,  I sing you the Song  of Shiva
 The  ancientest   God on Earth.
 Who dances the Nat, dusk to dawn
 Atop Mount Kailasa,every night;
 Night after night.
 He cannot  stop ,now or ever.
 He dances on the Dance of Shiva.

 Yonder back in time,
 When the Devas and Asuras,
  churned the Ocean of Desires, for Nectar,
 Out came Hemlock Primieval,
 Deadlier than the deadliest Death.
 All fled,
 No one to save life on earth,
 But for Shiva, the Tribal God.

 So, he consented,
 Drank up the Kaalakoota,
 Kept it locked up in his throat,..
 If, but one drop descends down,

 The universe will become ash,
 Even Shiva would die.
 Slowly,the poison turned his neck blue,
 Then, his entire body ,blue,
 The pain was God  awful,
 Even for Shiva, the Blue Tribal God.

 Everyday, as soon as the sun sets,
 All is quiet, and private,
 Shiva becomes Nataraja,
 The Celestial Dancer,
 To the beat of Dhamruk,Cymbals,Conches & ,
 A Thousand Serpants hissing,
 Goblins screeching,
 Spirits of the Upper Air howling,
 All in pain,rage, anger,
 Shiva dances like Mad.
 He is addicted,can’t stop it.
 Till yesterday, today, and on till
   The earth ends its life 5 billions years,
 Only by dancing so,
 Can Shiva bear the soul-searing agony, pain, terror &

 Yesterday, I asked in my dream, Shiva,
 Who was quiet & not dancing then,
 He replied :
 Because, There Is  No Love.
 There are no Devas or Asuras.
 It is just a metaphor for Men & Women,
 Who want all the Good things of Life,
 And, none of the Bad;
 And refuse to Love one another.
 Unrequited Love  accumulates,
 And coagulates into Kalakoota.
 So,said , Shiva,
 Love, Love,Love.
 This is the simplest secret to God,
 Then, Now & Forever.
 If, you meet someone,
 Who offers you Love,
 Don’t Test it,
 Don’t Garbage it,
 Don’t Kill it ,
 Take it ,and ,
 Plant it in your Heart.
 Love is Twice Blessed,

The Giver & the Receiver.
Love is Valid forever.
Love is a Brahma-Astra, Which,
If sent back,
Kills the Sender.

It is the Closest,
You can come to Shiva.
Else, Shiva will have to keep dancing on,
and on,
Night after Night,
after Night After Night,
After Night……….

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