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    pls am doing a debate on islamic culture is better than western culture pls i need points as soon as posible tank u .u can email me on

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    waiting for booklet on CLTS

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    sir i’d like to contact intizar hussain. i am from a dramatics society and we’re organizing a literary event for mansha yad. we’d like to contact him. i hope you can help me out in this regard, thanks.

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    Assalam,o,alikum warehmatullah.

    i like to ur site mashalllah,,,,

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    kindly tell me how can i get the book of Madam Sadia Dehlvi “SUFISM” in karachi pakistan.. is there any source to get this book, any dealer???

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    o mirzaiyya khuch to sharam ker

  • http://------ tahir naqvi

    Raza Sahib,

    • Kazmis

      To show internationally that Urdu short stories are rich, is not the way to like the literature. My brother create the literature and rich articles, that is the real liking of the literature.


    Please accept my friend request sent to you on facebook.

  • Maya

    What a hypocrite you are like all Pakistani so called ‘liberals’. Reading your tweets confirms that even people who are supposed to show some sanity are highly unprofessional, biased and full of hatred. They get rubbed at the slogan ‘’Indian Shining’ (which it is in many ways, Pakistanis can’t do anything about), like and are in praise of anti-India figures like Arundhati Roy (who should be happy that she lives in India and doesn’t talk against Muslims as then she would have been dead by now) and smile at Pakistani artists earning from India (despite badmouthing it when they go back to Pakistan like Ali Azmat, Veena Malik and other beggars like that) and like to selectively tweet about negative incidents taking place in India like someone getting beaten up or someone being jailed.
    Shame on you closet terrorists who have ruined the face of South Asia, for your Allah’s sake, grow up. Stop taking pot-shots at India, think about your own shithole.
    And most important and something which Pakistanis love to drool over i.e. Kashmir, well you ain’t getting it! It is a part of India and kashmiri fanatics asking for a separate land cannot get independence as they ain’t Bhagat Singh and India ain’t the an empire. Kashmir belongs to India! Oh by the way, look at how your side of ‘Azad’ Kashmir is mired in poverty and militancy, that’s all you can give to your people.


      ” What a hypocrite you are like all Pakistani so called ‘liberals’. Reading your tweets confirms that even people who are supposed to show some sanity are highly unprofessional, biased and full of hatred. ”

      wo baat keh di jo patharon k jigar ko b aab aab kr de . .

      good !






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    can u help me to write article on socio political connotation on art, i have selected Faizakhan an artist and activist.
    plz help me.
    best regards

  • Mahvish

    hi, i need people from Lahore for web/catalog article/copy writing. if u r interested plz contact me asap at:

  • kala

    am doing my research on dalit literature and i need historical reference for dalit literature and also particularly on tamil dalit literature (text and web or articles). can you send the details which is needed for my research i got some but think its not enough, so plz help

  • viliam vedwal

    i want to know more about mirza ismail please help me

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    Karachi, the largest city of Pakistan, the financial and commercial hub of the country, and the only major seaport, is also the 10th largest urban agglomeration in the world with a metropolitan population reaching 20 million. Karachi is also ranked as a Beta world city where it’s considered to be an important node in the global economic system. Unfortunately, Karachi is gradually becoming Pittsburg of the 1950s where it had earned the name of the dirtiest city of the world, and if not regenerated will soon fall out of the list of Alpha cities.

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    Many cities in the world had to go through the urban renewal process, when it became necessary, namely, New York City by Robert Moses, Paris by Baron Haussmann, Chicago by Daniel Burnham, Sentul Kualalampur by Yeoh Kian, Seoul by Lee Myung-bak, Eskişehir in Turkey etc.

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  • khadeer Ahmed

    sadiya Ji I was shocked at the knowledge u posses at an interview to ETV recently and your interst in sufism , great indeed keep it up , Im interested in buying your book heart of Islam, please provide details
    allah hafiz

  • http://UnitedKingdom A Hakim

    Having lived in the Uk for 50 years I decided to spend rest of my life in my beloved Lahore. I bought a flat in a very nice locality of Chhaoni. During the furbishing of the flat I stayed in a small but very nice Hotel in a side street of Zafar Ali Rd. My first morning as i setteled for breakfast a bowl of corn flakes was served full of ants. This was enought to put me off eating and I just had a cup of tea. I was soon joined by an English gentleman who happened to come from London same as I and we got talking. He was a big guy in the horticulture trade and had come to explore possibilities of investing big in the field in Pakistan. We decided to have a stroll along zafar ali rd leading on to the Mall. As we got a whiff of horrible smell I soon realised we were walking along a GANDA NALLA and no sooner I tried to explain to this gentleman he quickly turned round and went back to the Hotel. I came to know he left for London the next morning. These GANDA NALLAs are the biggest curse on Lahore and they run through all the best parts of Lahore and it is so strange that no one feels the need to clean them up despite the fact that every year many citizens loose their lives thru desease. I nearly decided to return to London following the Englishman but hope perhaps conditions around the flat may be more tolerable. Having had plenty of hassle and upset with the furbishing contractor I finally got there and soon discovered the water in the taps was contaminated. Although I am an early riser and like to go out for a walk my first morning I was woken by an earth shattering voice which happened to be AZAN (fajar) it was really like a zalzala which shook the buildings. I discovered the mosque was only 200 yards away and it had a number of very powerfull loudspeakers and the man delivering the AZAN was himself very big and with a harsh voice Ifound this very unsettling as I suffered from an ear desease. Half way thru this AZAN were joined by it seemed hundreds of others all on loudspeakers allaround me. This became a nightmare to an old man like me who had spent all his life among very peacefull communities. Having suffered horrible earache for some days I decided to approach the Imam. He was a 6-7 ft tall very strong man with huge eyes. I explained to him my problems with my ear desease and requested him if he would reduce the volume of his loudspeakers a little bit. Giving me a big gaze he said “hum to isko or bhi ziada kerne ki soch rahe the (we were planning to increase the volume even more). I said woh kyon, he replied “hum soyon ko (the sleepy ones)jagana chahte hain. I said if the sleepy won still dont respond to you will you go after them with a lathi. He said yes definitely we will go after them with LATHI. So I soon realised in Pakistan “JISKI LATHI USKI BHAINS” wali soorat e halaat ho chuki hai. And these Lathis walas are a law unto themselves and in fact they are aiming to deal with this whole world in their own way. I had the option to return to London which I did and I keep wondering if “rule of law” will ever take hold in Pakistan, without which there is no future. God bless Pakistan

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  • Soni Vinod

    Salami walekum, Raza Saab, everything about your blog is fantastic, but why don’t you add the poetries in Urdu or hindi text why use roman scripts, that’s something I miss everywhere, and saab my friend Tunisia also likes these poetries, but he can not understand the roman script, so it will great if u can upload them in arabic or Urdu text fonts as it will be easy for those who can’t read these roman scripts properly, plz. Saab, it my heart felt request to u, if have any such PDF or if u can post it here in ur blog I can send them to my friend and he can know about bulleh shah and ghalib, thanking u saab, khuda hafis.

  • http://sailer751 Dr. Sailer

    Please read The World of Buddha Footprints. Also, consult the MS Dir. Lahore Museum for my articles of 1996/7. There is NOT symbol on a Buddha Footprint as O ME GA. Pali literature of S. E. Asia, hardly anyone reads it, states it is nandiyavatta, a flower. I gave a lecture in Lahore to many in 1996/7 but I think there was a naughty one there too. This term – o me ga – is assigned to Dr. Oscar von Hinuber, Pali Test Society – Cambridge Un. and The Siam Society, Bangkok, Thailand. There are people who think that Dr. Oscar von Hinuber is OVER CREATIVE, thus misses the truth. Well, that happens.

  • http://sailer751 Dr. Waldemar C. Sailer

    Yes, DAWN covered my Karachi lecture. Google: Put in: Karachi Museum Sailer nandiyavatta. I forget the writer’s name. A GREAT fellow. There is a lady in Karachi that can read OLD coin symbols and she informed me that there were many more and much older than what I found. She is, I think, very correct, but I can’t recall her name. Never mind, my student in Karachi will find her.

  • http://sailer751 Dr. Sailer

    I love to read this data on the site
    I dream of meeting you. That would be much better.

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  • Am

    It is strange when the U.S. declares a war on terror while there is homegrown terrorism there allowed hiding places under the banner of “Heritage”. In the U.S. there are Christian religious extremist that rarely make the news while the U.S. focuses on other religions and cultures with their own being at least 100 years old. See video for images and please share this message as far as the internet can take it.

    السلام عليكم

  • inamullah

    plz send my cell no

  • inamullah

    plz send me ur cell no

  • Suleman

    Good afternoon Mr. Rumi,

    My team and I are currently developing a website with the purpose of serving to educate both Muslims and non-Muslims alike in all matters relating to Islam and Muslims (regardless of gender, creed, sect, nationality etc.) in a simple and engaging manner. We are planning to launch our site mid-February with the bulk of our online content being reference material. However, we will have a section for opinion pieces, which would cover a range of viewpoints and topics. We very much enjoy your writing style and insight and would like to republish some of your material on our site. We would of course give you full writer’s credit for any of your content, publish a short bio and allow for a link out to a blog/site of your choice.

    Please accept our humble request.

    Thank you for your time.

    “Islamic Website” Project

  • Ashok Chowgule

    Re your article “The new Bhutto”, available at:

    It seems to me that you are not aware that both the mother and the grandfather of this ‘new’ Bhutto have used the Islamists for their own agenda. And when such monsters are created, history all over the world has shown that they inevitably turn on their masters at a convenient time.

    Ashok Chowgule
    Goa, India.

  • Askari Kazmi

    A beautiful website. Yes really. But one aspect is quite ugly..Your posted front picture. You may have any good delicate taste, but showing it to others for nothing is very un-tasteful and ugly. Please replace the front picture and show the depth of your character and taste.

  • simi

    I need thelyrics and translation in English of the Bulleh Shah Ki jaana mein kohn poetry.

    I’d appreciate it if you could post them on this page. Thank you.

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    hi guys, are u on cardsapp? how can I subscribe? do you use your own app? tanks

  • Mario

    Admito que antes no me gustaba demasiado estesitio,
    sin embargo hora estoy siguiendolo frecuentemente y me esta gustando mas.

    Sigue asi!

  • Shahid Khan

    Dear Raza Rumi,

    Many friends have suggested that I write about “stuff” I have done or seen being done as it would make interesting reading. I wish I could. I really wish I could tell you of some amazing experiences of mine. The problem is that I have signed the Official Secrets Act. This man made law prohibits me from telling the truth. And then there is the divine law which prevents me from telling lies. But mercifully, there is no law against telling stories. And therefore, I have a story for you.

    It is common knowledge that the world’s first PC computer virus originated from Lahore in 1986. The “Brain” virus was the creation of a Pakistani computer expert, Basit Farooq Alvi. The world moved on, unaware that the pioneering work of that individual was continued by another Pakistani. A new, insidious, form of warfare was developed by that computer expert. He created the world’s most powerful computer worm. Post 9/11, that worm was launched across the World Wide Web. It was the opening salvo of Web based Warfare and it originated from Pakistan. It was designed to be the ultimate war; the most pristine form of Jihad. The war is now a decade old but even today, not many know of it. No one knows of Electronic Jihad. And, no one, absolutely no one, knows of Pervez Khan.

    Worry not. I will tell you that “story” (wink, wink).

    The tale of Pervez Khan. The story of “E-Jihad”.

    I will disclose the origins of the war that rages across the Internet today. I will tell you about the strategy and tactics of this war and how they evolved. I will narrate that amazing tale. But remember, it is only a story. It is just fiction. Don’t be misled into believing otherwise

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  • Muhammad Shahmeer Shah

    have you visited the Dargha of khuwaja alaudin aulia in (sheikh siray) in delhi.. ??

  • Ali Raza

    I want to ask you that why you and beenish saleem always talk against musharaf.In his era Pakistan economy was going very well.He was the person who defended Pakistan Army in Indian Media.Iftikhar Chaudhry took 5 billion from India also show that.I can show a proof.Please show something in musharaf favour.Dont be biased

  • sabas.

    A.O.A sir how can i contact mustansar hussain tarrar ??

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    It would be of great use to people like me to receive your posts by mail everytime you do post if you could incorporate a Feedburner plugin for subscribing by email. Thank you,

  • Raza

    Rummuser – thanks I just added the subscribe function. 🙂

  • Ijlal Hussain

    Saddened by the attack on Raza Rumi and the killing of driver Mustafa. Saddened by the growing intolerance in our society.

    Prayers and best wishes for Raza Rumi!

  • muhammad shakeel akram qureshi

    With best wishes and regards
    Muhammad Shakeel Akram Qureshi Advocate
    Secretary General Pakistan Press Club
    11 J Gulberg 111 Lahore Pakistan
    Cell# 0321-7212744, 0333-4560626

  • BOB


  • Isa_ibn_Yahya

    Peace be unto you and the mercy, blessings and forgiveness of Allah!

    In the name of Allah, Most Gracious, Most Merciful

    This, is the Book of the ‘Words of Righteousness’ which the ‘Mighty One’ has put in the mouth of men, that they may ‘converse’ with it from this time forward — as long as the world endures! It is the ‘gift of Allah’ and it shall be forever. Nothing can be put to it, nor anything taken from it!

    Allah created you, and gave you ‘ears and eyes and hearts,’ so that you may ‘submit’ to Him! Allah will not guide those who ‘disbelieve’ His Revelations! In the life to come they shall be assuredly lost, when every soul shall be requited for its deeds! True believers are those whose hearts are ‘filled with awe’ at the mention of Allah, and whose faith ‘grows stronger’ as they listen to His Revelations!

    Allah is Mighty and Wise! Unto every nation is a ‘fixed term’ and for every period is a Book! Allah does blot out or confirms what He pleases! And if Allah finds goodness in your hearts, He will give you that which is better than what He has taken from you! But if you give ‘no heed’ — know that you shall not escape His Judgment!

    John shall demonstrate the Love of Allah, when he shall come with all His Messengers of Light! They are the words and works of Allah — a Scripture whose Verses are detailed, bringing good news and bringing warnings, and everyone, can read the records he has written, for himself! Then will the world be led to Truth! It is an ‘invincible Book’ — falsehood cannot approach it from before it or behind it!

    Now let this be your Book wherein to study Paradise! Allah bears witness that he revealed it with His Knowledge, so do the Angels! Woe unto him who shall deny the Revelations of the Lord — a reminder and a lecture making plain! Allah has revealed the best of teachings, in the form of a Book consistent within itself — repeating each statement in manifold forms without any crookedness. That they may receive admonition!

  • jayanta ghoshal

    Sir, recently i have across one of your article published in 2007 in “All things Pakistan” about Zeb Un Nisha. Incidentally am in the process translation of 50 Ghazals of Zeb Un Nisha from English to Bengali. Your articles and other guest comment in trail , helped me a lot but left a confusion. it about using the Word Coffin. In your article you have mention…”it said that when railway line was laid in Delhi her tomb was demolished , and the coffin and the inscribed tombstone were shifted to Akbar’s mausoleum at Sikandara Arga.
    my question. 1. is Coffin being used by Muslims.?(since by the virtue of birth am non-Muslim I have little knowledge about many rites of Islam performed after death)
    2. Can a dead body with or without coffin can be found after such long years.
    3. Can you help me to give the exact reference i.e Book and its chapter where Jadunath Sarkar written about Zeb Un Nisha. If you have any secondary source can alose me mentioned.
    3. Is there any Urdu and Arbi translation of Ghazals of Zeb un nisha is available?
    4. Can I get any source be it internet or any other form where the Books of Historian S M Latif works on Zeb Un Nisha be found?
    5. Are you sure that if i go to Agra, the inscribed stone of Zeb un Nisha can be found as mentioned in your article.
    I will be greatful if you help me by replying my quarries.My Name is Jayanta Ghoshal and my email id is

  • jayanta ghoshal

    Sir Your Article ” The invisibility of the Mughal princessespublished by Himal SouthAsia Magazine, Nepal (October 2008)is not found in internet showing error in page. Can you help me to get a soft copy to my email ?

    – See more at: