Pakistan Food Culture, Recipes, Cuisines: Discussion with Niloferr Qazi and Haya Emaan

Connoisseurs of food Niloferr Afridi Qazi and Haya Emaan talk with Raza Rumi about the richness of Pakistani cuisine, its unique tastes, techniques and astounding history. Niloferr has done amazing work traveling to remote areas in Pakistan to collect ancient food recipes. She shares discoveries and fascinating details from her journeys on her YouTube channel ‘Pakistan on a Plate’, preserving important bits of tradition that otherwise run a risk of being forgotten. Haya is a chef at Eleven Madison Park (a fine dining restaurant in New York). She is justifiably called a food scientist and an artist at the same time, with the right talent to breathe new life into the fast diminishing, once-proud culinary culture of Pakistan and South Asia.


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