January 09: Attended ‘American Pakistan Foundation’ meeting at The John Hopkins University in Washington DC.

January 11: Spoke on religious freedom in South Asia, at a panel at The Wilson Center.

February 08: Attended a rally by ‘Black lives matter’ activists in Ithaca, New York.

February 14: Spoke about Asma Jahangir on ‘Voice of America – Urdu’.

February 14: Spoke about Asma Jahangir on ‘TRT World’.

February 20: Spoke at a remembrance for Asma Jahangir at Harvard College, in Cambridge, Massachusetts.

February 20: Spoke about “Pakistan: Continuity and change” at the Harvard Kennedy School.

February 23: Spoke about Asma Jahangir’s immense contribution to the national and international human rights movements at Cornell University.

March 27: Visited Trinity College to speak on ‘US-Pakistan relations and the future of Afghanistan’.

March 28: Attended Shahbaz Taseer’s talk at Cornell University organized by Pakistan Society.

April 01: Spoke at Maxwell School of Citizenship and Public Affairs on twenty years after the nuclear tests by India and Pakistan.

April 06: Attended a symposium by University of Virginia on the past and future of Middle Eastern area studies.

April 21: Talked on the undeclared censorship on ‘Voice of America – Urdu’.

April 25: Attended the Izzy Award ceremony organized by ‘Park Centre for Independent Media’ in Ithaca.

May 07: Attended a private concert by Amir Vahab in New York.

May 09: Spoke at the conference at Hagop Kevorkian Center for Near Eastern Studies at NYU.

May 14: Spoke at a panel entitled ‘Pakistan At 70’ at LLF 2018, in New York.

August 07: Held ‘Being Pakistani’ Book launch at ‘The Second Floor’, Karachi.

August 13: Held ‘Being Pakistani’ Book launch in Islamabad organized by ‘Kuch Khaas’.

August 23: Held ‘Being Pakistani’ Book launch in Lahore at ‘Books and Beans’.

August 30: Received the award from Aligarh alumni association in New Jersey named after Hasrat Mohani, the firebrand poet and activist of early twentieth century India.

October11: Spoke at an event organized by Aligarh Alumni association in Maryland, DC.

October 14: Participated in a Panel discussion organized by SAPRI and AdvoPak around my book ‘Being Pakistani’.

October 18: Participated in a panel discussion at The Wilson Center as part of a conference in Washington DC.

October 23: Spoke in a Panel discussion on majoritarian politics in South Asia, at Yale MacMillan center.

November 08: Talked about my new book Being Pakistani (and living in America at this moment.) at an event ‘a conversation with Prof Sadia Abbas’ entitled Postcolonial Questions and Performances, in Rutgers University.

November 15: Spoke about ‘Democracy and its Discontents: Project Naya Pakistan’ at the Institute for South Asia, University of California, Berkeley.

November 16: Book tour event by Pakistani American Community Center in San Francisco Bay Area.

November 16: Took part in a discussion moderated by Sannia Abdullah on the role of institutions in strengthening democracy & tackling corruption, at World Affairs, San Francisco.

November 26: Took part in a Panel discussion—Society in trouble: myth or reality, at Aga Khan University Karachi.

November 30: Participated in a cross disciplinary teaching on Pakistan elections at Watson Institute for International and Public Affairs.

December 04: Took part in a panel discussion on ‘media freedom across the globe’, at St. John’s Episcopal Church, Georgetown, Washington DC.

December 13: Spoke on global media freedom at an event organised by Park Center for Independent Media.