Bulleh Shah on dogs

Read the symbol-laden verses of Bulleh Shah with the translation contributed by Shahidain:

RaateeN jaageyN kareyN ibaadat
RaateeN jaagan kuttey teython utey

bhonkanon band mool naa hundey
jaa ruree tey suttey, teythoN uttey

khasam apney da dar na chhaddey
bhaaweyN so so wajjan jutey

Bulleh shah kooee rakht weyhaaj ley
baazee ley gaey kuttey tethoN uttey


You wake and keep praying throughout night
Dogs also keep praying throughout night
They are superior to you

They do not stop barking
and ultimately sleep on a dirty pile of waste
They are superior to you

They do not leave their master’s door even
if they are beaten by shoes.

Bulleh Shah! perform good deeds otherwise dogs will supersde you.
They are superior to you.