Farewell, Asim

22 January 2010

Dear Asim: you left us in such a hurry – you will be missed, always..RIP

Asim Butt: A rebel from his conventional background, Butt continues to defy the conformist meanings of family, career, security, sexuality and that elusive bourgeois pursuit of happiness. Inspired by the Stuckism movement of art, Asim holds painting as a powerful medium of communication. This standpoint brings our young Pakistani Stuckist at odds with the skin-deep novelty and claimed nihilism of “conceptual” art and postmodernism. The pursuit of art in this worldview thus merges into an impulse for a renewal of spiritual values in art and society, or what is known as “re-modernism.” More here

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  • Ateeq

    a Lovely person , got to meet him in Mumbai, quite different from others, first i thought that he might be from some other country but not pakistan…shocked to listen about his untimely death. may your soul rest in peace, I hope you will be happy their some where which iam sure a better place to live in after death.Inshallaha