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Rumi’s ants

From Rumi’s Mathnawi – Part VI: 2955-2962

The spirit is like an ant, and the body like a grain of wheat
which the ant carries to and fro continually.
The ant knows that the grains of which it has taken charge
will change and become assimilated.
One ant picks up a grain of barley on the road;
another ant picks up […]

March 26th, 2009|Personal, Rumi, Sufi poetry|1 Comment

All Colors Become One

The baptism of God is the dyeing vat of Hu,
God’s absoluteness, in which all colors become one.
When the contemplative falls into that vat—
and you say, “Come out,”
He says, “I am the vat. Don’t blame me.”
That “I am the vat”
means the same as “I am God.”
The red-hot iron has taken on the color of fire.

Version by […]

January 18th, 2007|Rumi, Sufi poetry|4 Comments

Seek the Fountain Within Yourself

There are two kinds of intelligence.
One is that acquired by a child at school
from books and teachers, new ideas and memorization.
Your intelligence may become superior to others,
but retaining all that knowledge is a burden.
You who are so busy searching for knowledge
must be a preserving tablet, but the preserved tablet
is the one who has gone beyond […]

September 29th, 2006|Rumi, Sufi poetry, World Literature|4 Comments

Everything except love is devoured by Love

The wild beast wouldn’t dare to devour the flesh of the lover:

Love is recognized both by the corrupt and by the good;
and if the beast should attempt to rip the lover apart with words,
the lover’s flesh will become a fatal poison.
To the beak of Love the two worlds are but a single grain.
Everything except love […]

September 17th, 2006|Poetry, Rumi|4 Comments