A tribute

AHSAN JAN ALLAWALA a student from Karachi has sent this contribution to be published at Jahane Rumi. I am publishing this for it is straight from his heart, even though so much of hope associated with her has been frittered away. (RR)


“Muhtarma Benazir Bhutto – As I See It”


Dedicated to Shaheed Mohtarma Benazir BhuttoI now begin this verse with the same magical motto”Roti, Kapra aur Makaan”

Created all the magic that ignited her charm

Starting in life as a daughter of a titan

Grasping all to knowledge she started to lighten

A very shy girl who led an insulated life

There weren’t any difficulties that she couldn’t slice

Reared in violent world of politics

She stood out as a person and soon became a symbol for a nation

Hardwork and Patience is what she was addicted to

From violence and vulgarity, she was restricted to

Blessed with extra-ordinary charisma, showered with beauty

All through her life she held tightly the reins of her duty

Smart, suave and sophisticated was definitely she

Soon elevated towards success from the debris

Eager to take Herculean challenges that poised great risks

Always used her tenderness to lower the fists

When there’s a will there’s a way is the strategy that she applied

Smile is the language in which she always replied

Young and glamorous she always portrayed herself

Never undertook any decision until it satisfies the people, the nation and herself

She had a vision, she had courage

Always used gentleness as her luggage

She made a place in people’s heart

With love and appreciation she soon emerged as a star

At the height of her popularity

She controlled the minority, and even the majority

Gentleness and simplicity added to her allure

She returned to her motherland as a cure

Soon she earned the title `Daughter of the East`

Just then an element of fatalism seeped

Promised to served the nation with all her might

Until someone snatched away her right

Running out of quotations to continue it further

As the painful thoughts of her demise cannot be expressed in the verses I’ve put together

This verse now ends this little tribute

On the behalf of the nation, I’d like to honor her with a salute.

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