Amir Khusrau – O soul of mine come to me

by Amir Khusrau

Bashguft gulha dar chaman, aye gulsitan e man bia
Sarv istada muntazar sarv e ravan e man bia

Flowers are blooming everywhere, O flower of mine come to me
Conifers await you night and day, my graceful pine come to me

Az girya e man her taraf pur lala o gul shud zamin
Waqtey ba gulgasht aey sanam der gulsitan e man bia

Thanks to my overflowing tears, tulips and roses are fresh and young
Strolling along the garden walk, my lily divine come to me

Haif ast didan bay rukhat der bostan akhir gahey
aey gul, nihan az baghban, der bostan e man bia

Without you darling, gardens all are in the grip of doom and gloom
So shining brightly in the dark, o my sunshine come to me

Her turra e to afatey, her nargis e to fitnaey
Garcheh bala e aalami, az behr e jan e man bia

Your braids are trying to chain me dear, your eyes are out to charm
So if you want to captivate, my valentine come to me

Talkhey keh goei neest an az talkhi e hijrat fazoon
Ba inhama talkhi e khud, shakkarfishan e man bia

You may be tart and pungent but your abscence is much worse
So bearing all your pungency, my vintage wine come to me

Dani keh hastam der jahan, man khusrav e shirin zaban
Gar naie az behr e dilam, behr e zaban e man bia

Without you I, your Khusro, am tongue-tied and confused
To give me wit and fluency, O soul of mine come to me

translation by Khalid Hameed Shaida, MD

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