Nukta is difficult to decipher -My personal interpretation has to do with the nukta of Being – like the letter Alif that is Single and a Whole. So we, the created are not different from the Creator. We the lovers and not separate from the Beloved. It is this unity of being and existence that is one and can be reduced to one little nukta – a dot – that has all the answers and comforts we spend our lifetimes attaining.

The Point or Dot is the starting point of anything or everthing.The Dot explodes with Big Bang. And becomes universe. the explosion’s effects are dynamics. The Universe continues to expand. In this universe there are microcosms the earth. man his spirit, etc All emanates from one point.

aik nokthe vich gul mukdee -Here is a translation by Suman

At this one point, all talk ends.
Hold tight to this point, forget your calculations,
Leave the miserable state of unbelief,
Do not torment yourself with the fear of death and hell,
For these are imaginary fears.
Only into such a house will truth the enter.
At this one point, all talk ends.

For no reason you abrade your forehead on the ground,
You display your reverence at the mehraab,
You recite the kalma to impress a listener,
But knowledge does not enter your heart.

Can the truth stay hidden?
At this one point, all talk ends.

Many return from Mecca as hajjis,
With blue shawls across their shoulders.
They profit from Hajj ,
Who can admire such behavior?
Can the truth stay hidden?
At this one point, all talk ends.

Some withdraw to the forest,
Eat a single grain a day.
They exhaust their bodies foolishly,
And return home in bad shape,
Their life sucked dry with useless fasting and prayer.
At this one point, all talk ends.

Hold fast to your murshid,
Become a devotee of all creation,
Intoxicated, carefree,
Without desire, indifferent to the world,
Let your heart be fully clean.
Says Bulha, can the truth then be stopped?

At this one point, all talk ends.

It has many layers of meaning and can be read in more than one way. On one point the matter ends. (Muzaffar Ghaffar); In a dot the whole mystery is solved (Saeed Ahmad); It’s all in one contained ( K S Duggal);Wisdom is contained in a single point!( J R Puri)