Carpet cleaning methods

Discovered that there are multiple methods of carpet cleaning. I thought there was just a single way. Before engaging carpet cleaners, it is important to know a little bit about the various methods of cleaning.

Steam cleaning is the most popular form of carpet cleaning today. In this method cleaning equipment (usually truck mounted) is used to spray a high temperature detergent solution onto the carpets at high pressure. The high temperatures and pressures break up the dirt which is then extracted immediately.

In bonnet cleaning method, cleaning products are applied beforehand onto the carpet which is then passed over with a floor machine with an absorbent cotton pad on the base which absorbs dirt from the carpet.

Circular pad methods employ the use of different chemicals that work under a different principle than the “brute force” method of bonnet cleaning. Some of these methods use other kinds of circular pads and use science and technology to draw the dirt from the carpet.

Through the foam method, a detergent solution is “whipped up” into foam. The foam is then applied to the carpet with a rotary agitator where it is allowed to settle and dry and is then vacuumed up. The dirt suspended in the foam is brought up with the foam during vacuuming.

During shampooing a solution is pre-sprayed onto the carpet and is then “whipped up” by the machine as it is passed over.

Dry chemical cleaning or dry extraction is the carpet cleaning method involving the least amount of moisture. This method involves applying a dry extraction compound that is usually partially moistened with a detergent. It is then spread over the carpet and worked in with a brush. After the compound has been worked in it is vacuumed out, along with the dirt.

It is important to discern what kind of carpet cleaning you think will suit you best; and then choose the carpet cleaners.

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