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Pakistan Food Culture, Recipes, Cuisines: Discussion with Niloferr Qazi and Haya Emaan

Connoisseurs of food Niloferr Afridi Qazi and Haya Emaan talk with Raza Rumi about the richness of Pakistani cuisine, its unique tastes, techniques and…

Animating Times Square

This October, the electronic billboards at the maddening Times Square in New York City will display the creative prowess of Shahzia Sikander, an artist…

Remembering Parveen Shakir (1952-1994)

Parveen Shakir (1952-1994) has defined the sensibilities of several generations and beyond. At the relatively young age of 42 years, Parveen Shakir died on…

Enduring Threads

Raza Rumi was fascinated by artist Aasim Akhtar’s unique curation of Pakistani textile heritage at the Rawalpindi NCA – Click here to see more:…

Chronicles of our recent past

FS Aijazuddin’s new book is an erudite and introspective account of a turbulent decade The past decade in Pakistan has been cataclysmic. Political upheavals…

The Spectacular Rise Of TLP And The Challenges Ahead

Even without a wider platform or broad agenda to achieve victory in the polls, groups such as TLP are poised to exploit the grievances…

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As Pakistan approaches a crucial election, its media watchdog bans critical voices from TV

On 18 August, Pakistan’s media watchdog directed all TV channels to stop giving airtime to 11 people: a group including journalists considered close to former Prime…

Reform Is A Political Process. Unelected Elites And Technocrats Will Fail, Once Again

Last month, yet another conference on policy ‘reforms’ was organised by the World Bank and its local partners. This must be the umpteenth such…

Nawaz Sharif Will Return To Imran Khan’s Pakistan

The electorate blames the PML-N for the inflation that’s making their lives difficult, and Imran Khan owns the anti-establishment narrative despite being locked up.…

With Fractured Civil Society & Complicit Politicians, There’s Little Hope For Pakistan’s Christians

The ghastly attack on the Christian community in Jaranwala is yet another testament to the systemic violence and discrimination faced by religious minorities in…
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Raza Rumi
bravo inspector sahiba more power to you#lahoreichra ... See MoreSee Less
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4 days ago

Raza Rumi
پریتم !!ایسی پریت نہ کریو جیسی کرے کھجُوردُھوپ لگے تو سایہ نہ ھیبُھوک لگے پھل دُورپریت نہ کریو پنچھی کے جیسیجل سُوکھے اُڑ جائےپریت تو کریو مچھلی جیسیجل سُوکھے مَر جائےپریت کبیرا ایسی کریوجیسی کرے کپاسجیو تو تن کو ڈھانکےمَرو تو نہ چھوڑے ساتھ"بھگت کبیر" ... See MoreSee Less
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