Kabir dohas

Bhagat Kabir has composed many Dohas (hymns) and some of them have also been included in Sri Guru Granth Sahib Ji:

|| 1 ||
Maya Taje To Kya Hua
Maan Taja Naa Jaaye
Maan Bade Munivar Gaye
Maan Saban Ko Khaye

It is very easy to give up efforts and lose weath. It is really very difficult to give up the ego. Very great and analytical people have fallen victim to ego. The ego is killing one and all.

|| 2 ||
Kade Abhimaan Na Kijiye
Kaha Kabir Samajhaye
Ja Seer Aha Jo Sanchare
Pade Chouryasi Jaaye

Don’t have ego. He who has ego is restless always.

|| 3 ||
Sukha Ke Sangi Swarthi
Dukh Me Rahate Door
Kahe Kabir Parmarathi
Dukh Sukh Sada Hujoor

The fair weather friends stay away when we face the rough weather. Those who understand the truth are with us at all times.

|| 4 ||
Sabase Laghuta Hi Bhali
Laghuta Se Sab Hoye
Jasa Dwitiya Ka Chandrama
Shashi Lahai Sab Koye

It is always better to be humble. Being humble is an effective way of getting results. The Moon of the second day ( after the no moon day) is loved by all.

|| 5 ||
Chhama Badan Ko Uchit Hai
Chhotan Ko Utpat
Ka Bishno Ka Ghati Gaya
Jo Bhrug Mari Laat

Forgiveness befits the person who is great. One who is petty does something destructive. What is the loss incured by God Vishnu after receiving a blow from Maharishi Bhrugu.

|| 6 ||
Jaisa Bhojan Kijiye
Vaisa Hi Mana Hoye
Jaisa Paani Pijiye
Taisi Vani Hoye

Your mind is affected by the food that you consume. Your voice is the reflection of the drinks you have.

|| 7 ||
Kabira Te Nar Andh Hai
Jo Guru Kahate Aur
Hari Ruthe Guru Thor Hai
Guru Ruthe Nahi Thor

Kabir says that the people who do not understand Guru are blind. If God is displeased with us then Guru is there for salvation. If he is displeased there can be no salvation.

|| 8 ||
Kabira Dheeraj Ke Dhare
Haathi Man Bhar Khaaye
Tuk Tuk Bekar Me
Svan Ghare Ghar Jaaye

As the elephant has patience it eats till its mind is satisfied. But the impatient dog runs here and there in the hope of food.

|| 9 ||
Ghee Ke To Darshan Bhale
Khana Bhala Na Tel
Dana To Dushman Bhala
Murakh Ka Kya Mel

It is better if one can just have a chance of looking at the purified butter. It is not good to eat oil. It is good to have a sensible person as our enemy than to befriend a fool.

|| 10 ||
Chandan Jaisa Sadhu Hai
Sarp Hi Sab Sansar
Taake Ang Lapta Rahe
Mana Me Nahi Vikar

A good person is like a sandal tree. The world is like a snake. The snake resides on the sandal tree but the sandal tree does not become poisonous to any extent.

Courtesy Zen Sufi

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