Mir Dard – a ghazal’s translation

We have laid such wild misdeeds to our name.
for this we came. the account is full.

by the wrack of this storm,
this life, call it what we will, we perish.

kind wind, what are flowers to us?
We came, we were dispersed hither and thither.

We have seen what there is.
friend, gaze your fill, stay on. i have a home.

ah, grief, don’t burn. We will know
all, when you have cast your spell on it.

such a wound at heart
as mine, have you ever known to heal?

like the candle that lights this feast
our eyes stream, our garments are wet.

You seek him far beyond your selves,
far from your homes, devout ones.

We knew we had not to move
a step. he awaited us.

friendless into the world, like all our kind
We came, but left with him – not as we came.

being of unbeing! a spark
soars and is gone. fie are gone!

saqi, this bustle of leave-taking that never stops-
pour, while you can. may the cup live!

all these good folk, Dard, coming and going,
Why? to what end? something must be known about them.

translated by Ian Bedford

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