New rubais for the New Year

How long shall we be satisfied with the shapes and appearances of time?

How long shall we watch and smell existence?

I am tired of the materials and creatures of the present.

It’s time to see the Beauties of beauties.

But when I look at Him, I see my image;

And when I look at myself, I see His image.

[Rhyme of rubai ends with ‘M’; Golpinarli page, rubai #: 144, 44; Furuzanfar’s rubai #: 1256; efik Can’s rubai #: 1393]


I won’t grant your wishes until you abandon your desires.

I won’t give in until you accept my orders.

Stop your deceit, stop playing dead.

I swear on your head and soul that I won’t give myself until you die first.

[M(page 277 of original Divan); G.143, 40; F.1287; ?.1424]

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