Only you, know my pains – Rabba Meray Haal Da Mehrem Tu

“O God, you are my state of being” is what this Kafi of Shah Hussain loosely means. It is about the internal and external knowledge of Reality. I have been singing this Kafi for the last few days. Here is a translation (courtesy Shahidain) followed by an audio version and the Punjabi lyrics-

“O God, only You know all my pains.
You are within me and You are outside me( You are everywhere)
In every pore of mine (from top to toe) only you dwell.
You are the warp, You are the woof.
You are every thing for me.
Says Hussain, the Humble Faqir, I am nothing, You are everything”.

Interpretation by Naveed Siraj: Divine Love is ingrained in every fibre of ones self & this Love is overwhelming and ever-present. Like Pathanay Khan wailing charkha bolay sain sain i.e., even the common household chores remind one of the Lord, so one loses the distinction between the begining of this love and its manifestation and its end. [this is why andar, bahar, room room vich toonh captivates ones imagination]

And once again Abida Parveen sings it so beautifully:

Rabba meray haal da mehram tu

Ander tu heyN ,Bahir tu heyN

Room room wich tu

Tu heyN taana, tu heyN baanaa

Sabh kujh meyraa tu

Kahey Hussain Faqir nimaaN*aa, meyN naaheeN sabh tomain nahin sub tu


The translation above was rendered by Prof Saeed Ahmed

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