Remembering Parveen Shakir

Naveed Abbas has contributed this beautiful tribute to a great poetess Parveen Shakir who died 16 years ago. Please check her poems and their translations here and here
With a tearful eye and a aggrieved heart one is reminded of the sad fact; sixteen years have passed since Parveen had left this world for her eternal abode, the world of art and culture has missed this poetic genious immensely. The globally renowned literary ambassador is one of the rarest assets of Pakistan.
A glowing tribute to Parveen Shakir!

What is this life one really wonders?
The inexorable fate snatches what we cherish the most
The dismal heart is aching with dirge
In remembrance of great Parveen Shakir
The glittering diamond among stones
The cynosure of all eyes remembered with fertive sighs
Her name will be written with ‘everlasting ink’ on the pages of eternity

May her soul rest in peace!

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