Stop demonising China

Globally, the Tibet issue has been blown beyond belief by the media. I am compelled to ask that over one million civilians are dead in Iraq for no reason – no weapons of mass destruction and no chemical weapon stockpiles have been discovered – there is a stench of corpses and ashes everywhere. A civilisation has been destroyed, ruined. Has anyone inquired about this barbaric conduct of the so-called “civilised” West?

Has anyone questioned why all laws, rights, Geneva conventions are being violated at the Guantanamo Bay; and why there is a genocide of sorts underway in Afghanistan.

Restoration of a feudal order of course remains far more important for the media and “activism” in service of imperial power.

The concerted effort to undermine China that is the only developing nation to have eradicated absolute poverty and challenged the global hegemony of old colonists needs to be condemned.

The 2008 Beijing Olympics deserve support! Watch this video on Tibet.


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