The talented Fatima Hasan – two poems

Fatima composes poetry in English language. She is based in Karachi, Pakistan and works for a telecommunication company.

Fear of losing

In the gloomy and tender night

Three white birds flying towards their destiny

Sailing in the world of sea

Clear and deep

Your essence so close to me

Holding me tightly into your arms

The beat of your heart as fast as ever

Cherishing the moments of being with me

Without a word, discloses all

How much you are concerned at times

How much you adore my presence

Makes me wonder, the beauty u bring to me

The world of hope

But the fear of times and you not remaining the same prevails

Her diction is unique and there is tenderness in her expression and images. Fatima was recognized as the poet of 2002 and poet ambassador of 2007 by She was also  invited to the poetry conventions held at Washington, Florida and Las Vegas in the United States. Here is the second poem that sparkles like its title.

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